Monday, May 26, 2008


our spacecraft landed on Mars---
when will the Martians
send real one to us


Memorial Day---
waiting for George Bush
to leave office


low tide---
she's on seaweed


a fisherman


Saturday night---
after long wait in line
we have to eat with chopsticks


having a fight---
she tells me
stop acting like Sarkozy*



blue sky---
walking bare foot
the beeches open


almost Summer---
she cleans her closet
I order a Thai salad


full moon at dawn---
a swaying drunk
looks up and smiles


tough bar---
she just returned
from Iraq


sudden Spring showers---
her mascara


lower East Side bar---
he pretends
to know soccer


blue sky---
a new tar roof


heavy rain---
a turtle is having
a drink


the cat
comes home


the wind lifts her skirt
she blushes---
Spring sunset


Big Brown---
a horse that can win back
our being in the black

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Mets play Yankees---
who wins
does matter


outside McDonald's---
a fat boy asks me
for a quarter


hot Spring sun follows/
drenching day---/
a fly flies


blue sky---
but she does not


at the gym---
she wants to know
who I think I am


more Spring showers---
a man hands out
free soap samples


beautiful Spring day---
the barmaid wears
a kimono


creeping dark clouds
erase it


Fifth Avenue---
a man wears a skirt
many women wear pants


blue sky---
an ocean liner


finally a warm May day---
I stare back
at a lizard


morning after the storm---
I pet
the lilacs


one more dance---
she holds me


wind swept cold rain---
truck makes stops
to deliver bottled water

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mother's Day---
restaurants crowded
but who are mothers


on a pond
one of her chicks lags behind---
Mother's Day


blue sky---
the chatterbox
is silent


Spring Saturday night---
a young man whistles
"Yankee Doodle"*



Spring rain storm---
the roof of the shower


Friday night at the gym---
she asks me
where's the bathroom


she swings her bare leg
as I talk to her---
juice bar


hearing the call for prayer
as I pass a mosque---
Spring sunset


Hudson River Park---/
ducks feed/
I order fish


trees dressed to a tee
girls undressed to a leaf---
Spring heats up


Spring warms up---
not just on the arms


May sunset---
I forgot to send
my old lady flowers


cool lounge---/
she sings in French/
with Spanish accent


blue sky---
I can't stand
the smell of ouzo


May playground---
girls on the swings laugh
at boys on the slide

Sunday, May 04, 2008


poison-free fugu*/
safe to eat its liver/
but don't eat its liver



next to police precinct---
she waters her garden
and my pants


chilly May morning---
dew drops on the door
of the outhouse*



Saturday night---
she said it's hot here
no more words spoken


morning fog---
I take off
my eyeglasses


Friday night---
a church organist
plays pool


early morning---
the lilacs survived
last night tears


she stands in fifth*
to wait for her drink

*Ballet position of the feet


under crescent moon
a black bird sings


Spring waxes---
little girl plays soccer
with tennis balls


blue sky---
the white tulips


playing softball
against the cold wind


waiting for
dark clouds to clear---
seagulls on a roof pace


heavy Spring rain---
a friend spiced
my espresso


stormy Spring---
the cat hides
under my chair