Sunday, September 12, 2010


Nine Eleven---
two light beams replace the twin towers
and crescent moon


nine years after Nine-Eleven---
making Islam
the scapegoat


apples dipped in honey---
Rosh Hashanah


low clouds at sunset---
a pipe smoker
passes me by


blue sky---
an advocate for burning the Koran
changes his mind


East River night
cool September wind---
lovers stay in their cars


early September---
a little girl cries
as she walks to school


as the train starts
to enter the tunnel


blue sky---
the smell of
burning paper


sign on a tree---
help wanted
check inside


school starts
beaches close---
and the ice cream truck is gone


Labor Day sunset---
a traffic jam extends
for miles


Labor Day---
customers line up at a store
having a sale


an actor goes out the back door
for a smoke


cold beach day---
the volleyball women players
wear gym clothes


Astoria, Queens---
across a church a mosque
both with doors open


blue sky---
a chatterbox has no one
to talk to


through a crack of the clouds
of hurricane Earl


it takes a hurricane
to remind us it's now September


the US Open---
Roddick's foot faults
and also his tongue


White House Mideast peace conference---
this time we all have
our fingers crossed


flea market shopping---
you may have to pay in blood
the bedbugs scare


Summer sunset---
she ties her bikini top
before she gets up


Summer barber shop---
sudden silence
as a blonde bombshell comes in


blue sky
and empty sidewalks---
August ends


the army boot camp
is now Pilates and Yoga---
just like dancers


wildlife in the big city---
a raccoon scratches at her door
at midnight


I find an empty envelope
in my mail box---
August ends


blue sky---
I clean
my attic


Chile trapped miners---
they are all


August picnic---
low carb foods
and a day moon


one two and jump
one two and jump---
a sparrow tango


blue sky---
as if kissing lovers
need an excuse


August sunset---
the cat views
a butterfly


August morning---
the new graffiti looks
like a Christmas tree


for days August rains---
as the sun comes out
an old man takes off his shirt


blue sky---
just for the display
of a day moon


August gloom---
a cop smiles
while writing a ticket


August heavy rain---
a beer truck sprays me
with secondhand water


scenes of Pakistan floods---
the hunger
of kids


cold in August---
a kid in the pool says
it's global warming


overcast August day---
At sunset I go
to play tennis


Pakistan floods---
diseases spread
from unclean waters


evening fog---
the cat wants
to go out


Pakistan floods---
all their foods
have been washed away


Sunday morning fog---
there is no one
on the street


Saturday night local pub---
all talk about
the economy


Pakistan floods---
is it
global warming


late August garbage bags---
a jasmine tree
near by


August boredom---
older girls play


liberté, égalité, fraternité---
France expels
its gypsies


blue sky---
Odysseus stares
into the abyss


August sunset---
a water melon vendor says
last chance


Summer starts to wane---
A dead leaf falls
on my head


East River August stillness---
A goalie kicks the ball
to the water


mosque at Ground Zero---
Islam is not the enemy
hate is


caught in an August shower---
I stop at
a suntan salon


August beach dark clouds---
a homeless man
does a rain dance