Sunday, February 25, 2007


she walks on the red
carpet like an actress---
Oscars' night


a woman loiters
on a street Saturday night---
the emptiness


I pull my navy tuque
over my ears---
a half moon


too many
broken hearts


early morning---only
a can of Campbell soup
in my pantry


morning rush---
she puts on lipstick
sitting next to me


watching the skyline
from a hammock---
crescent moon


he is still sitting
at the baccarat table---
Golden Pig


Ash Wednesday---
no line
at the halal food cart


she keeps pointing
her finger---
Japanese irises


Fat Tuesday---
an ice cream truck
parks on melting snow


morning stillness---
a crow finally
flies away


cat at the window
can't wait till the snow melt---
moonless night


she goes home
to feed her lovebird

Sunday, February 18, 2007


more babies are planed for
the year of the twice lucky:
Golden Pig


dirty big lumps of snow
blocks the crossway---
a kid starts to kick ass


her winter coat unzipped---
the sun copies itself
to her navel


sun rays
play in the snow---
the loudness


bathing beauty
on a billboard---
snow on the sidewalk


seeing my friend's
new haiku---I can't
believe my ears


finally those tar roofs
are brightly carpeted---
first snow


the sound of
shoveling snow


too much powdered sugar
even for Valentine Day


the red is blood
the presents bullets---
Valentine Day Massacre


the wind drives a leaf
over sidewalk snow---


a kid can not
find the purple crayon---


overcast morning---
a grey pigeon pesters me
for more crumbs


cold wind---
her blond hair
touches my face


morning stillness---
a snail
blows its horn

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Valentine Day---
the only red I want
is lips


mid February---
an Eskimo buys
his sweetheart a ring


East Village cafe---
bouzuki music plays
and no one dances


first date---
he does not
stop talking


once more
a sex symbol found dead


looking for her brand
of chocolate---I find
Belgian jelly beans


soft spoken---
her jewelry and music
are heavy metal


she watches me cook
a raspberry souffle---


too many stars---
an astronaut forgot
how to mend a broken heart


a flower shop---
her perfume is stronger
than nature's


the price of tortillas
goes up---
let them eat ethanol


very cold day---
a stuffed bear
stays under the bed covers


cold February day---
a florist takes
the red roses indoors


extreme cold weather---
the stars shine
more brightly

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Super Bowl party---
she asks me
if I like football


a seagull soars
above rising smoke---
cloudless winter skies


looking for wood
to knock on---
I found a chess table


beautiful blue sky---
a full moon refuses
to go to sleep


fog---a smoke column
is confused about
which way is up


February First---
a sun ray dances
on her cell phone


cold night---I pass the statue
of a man wearing
a winter coat


winter morning---
too many men
wearing grey suits


blue sky---
too little snow
fell to write about


morning stillness---
a man walks to work
in the snow


icy side-walk
I slip---
a tree stares


cold morning---
new graffiti
under blue sky


a cat out
on the prowl---
no dreamgirls


side-walk cafe---
only the squirrel
sits outside


late first snow---
not enough
for a snowball fight