Sunday, April 30, 2006


in a cafe---
there are more people
studying than talking


sunday morning---
still hearing
the noise of last night party


stuck in traffic
in the lincoln tunnel


a cat in the window---
listens to a
mockingbird meow

#mosquitoes( after Issa)

two mosquitoes
keep arguing
over my pillow


chilly evening---
I can hear the rustle
of the new leaves


as I eat my breakfast---
a sparrow
waits for his


sitting on a fence
above welted
yellow tulips---a crow


morning stillness---
the roof is dripping
on the azaleas


the prices on the sign
of a gas station---
highway robbery


riding to work in a one
specie ecosystem


listening to jazz
in a tibetan tea house


early morning---
an ant waits
for me to pass


outside a store that
sells wedding dresses
a cherry tree
just gave birth
to many bright green leaves


the smell
of cooking beets

Monday, April 24, 2006


the fog making
the smoke look too pushy


morning fog---
to write about


cold and rain all day---
an iterant worker
managed to smile


cold morning---
newly sprouted leaves


nice spring day
I close the window---
the street is too noisy


early morning---
both of my neighbors
did not smile


union square---
blood red tulips
at the feet of lafayette


late spring
morning chill---
the cherry blossoms stay calm


a kid rides a black horse
covered with red roses
for fifty cents


waiting for the train---
a seagull hovers
over the tracks


a subway stop
with a view of
the skyline---a long wait


in a jacuzzi
she tells me
she's an opera singer


baring skin in the sun
is still harmless but---
who needs these bumps!


cloudless sky---
a smoke column
rises horizontally


a holiday weekend---
the silence of the street
makes me whisper

Sunday, April 16, 2006


morning walk---
I buy bread
wrapped around a boiled egg


a backgammon game
stopped by the sound
of clicks of high heels


dense fog---
the early morning charm
of blanks


Good Friday---
a steady drizzle
at sunset


beautiful spring day---
a woman next to me
eats a strawberry


this N train is going
to Queens---she announced
in a southern accent


holy week grey sky---
a sparrow
does not sing


someone left
the chocolate bunnies
out in the noon sun


sunset blocked by clouds---
I imagine
a favorite rerun


mid april---
a friend offers me
a chocolate egg


a fruits and veggies store---
their cat sits in front
of the cash register


monday morning---
the boss puts his feet
up on his desk


toy bunnies
in a neighborhood park---
driving the dogs crazy


riding the subway---
alone with a stranger
and her two cats


sunny sunday---
a cool spring breeze
tickles my feet


the red lights of a tower
stay on

Sunday, April 09, 2006


late night,
passing a football on the street---
the moon


morning stillness---
the mailman sitting
with his legs crossed


a black cat
trying to be friendly


early morning---
a grey pigeon
keeps flying back to my windowsill


seedless grapes---
the skin is very hard:
I spit


cold morning---
when will the trees
have leaves?


snow flake april showers---
the petals
of the cherry trees


early morning---
a column of smoke
posing with the clouds


cloudy night---
they are up on the roof
for just soulgazing


kids on
a schhool trip---
dragging their feet


spring rain---
my umbrella is
the only thing I see blooming


monday morning---
trying to save myself
from day light saving time


nice spring day---
the trees are still
with no leaves


spring cleaning---
the dust of winter
is heavier


dropping one more coin
in the slot machine---
crescent moon

Saturday, April 01, 2006


red shirt black shoes
big car--- busy streets
old friend good food happy face


early morning---
the old man downstairs
has a new parrot


friday night---
hanging out with her friends
she pretends not to see him


march madness---
the office manager
wants his money back


beautiful spring day---
a teacher keeps looking
out of the window


first warm spring day---
going to work
in sandals


traffic stopped
cars are honking---
a cherry blossom lined street


a beach fruit vendor
packing his goods---


sunny day---
searching for
cherry blossoms that bloomed


after school---
his mother teaches
him soccer


cold spring morning---
nothing has blossomed
but my goose bumps


a leisurely walk
through a slum


not a cloud any where---
the neighbor's daughter
blows her bubble gum


late night,
amongst the garbage bags
a cat thinks---which one?


sunday siesta---
under my window
a bum is humming


warm night---
turning off my house lights
to gaze at city lights


fruit flavored
frozen yogurt---limp
lilacs lie on the tables


the chess game dragging---
someone starts
planning a coup