Sunday, December 28, 2008


soda fountain---
a teen and her mother
come in for ice cream


Madison Square Park---
there is no one
in the tree house


Saturday night---
the barmaid yells at me
I keep on dancing


morning fog---
my neighbor takes off
his turban


the recession---


I water
the poinsettias


Christmas night---
Venus shines
real bright


blue sky---
I do the dishes
on Christmas day


Christmas Eve---
I am too tired
to wash the dishes


more bad weather---
a couple standing on ice


the recession---
rise in arrests
for shoplifting


icy sidewalks---
a cop


the recession---
the first time Toyota
ends a year in the red


sunny day---
a paraplegic
spits on the snow

Sunday, December 21, 2008


blue sky---
she falls
on her butt


morning fog---
the snow covers


fresh snow---
the graffiti looks


the snow stopped---
a side street littered
with dog shit


the recession---
Harvard puts a freeze
on hiring


snow flurries start to fall---
the bridegroom gets
cold feet


snow in the forecast---
my neighbor's husky
wags his tail


cold night---black cat peaks
from under black car
a half moon


I turn off
the Christmas lights


morning fog---
a cop gives me
the wrong directions


happy hour---
they still look up when
Bush is on TV


the Lipstick Building---
it inspires
pyramid schemes


Madison Square Park---
near by bank Christmas lights
have no green


December Fifteen---
Feeling my age
as I climb the stairs

Sunday, December 14, 2008


near the subway---
a cemetery
is full


blue sky---
I go to buy more
Christmas gift wrap paper


cold Saturday night---
I walk into
an OTB


full moon at sunrise---
the Siamese twins
have an argument


mid December---
driving by the beach
with the heat on high


electronics store---
the salesman answers
in a foreign language


drizzle and fog night---
I stay home
and take a hot shower


morning rain---
a stray dog follows me
to the subway


the lake cold wind
smells fishy


the recession---
the office Christmas party


she went to buy
a pumpkin---
Winter sunset


morning Winter blues---
only the memory of old flames
warms me up


frigid day---
mushroom shaped smoke cloud
car makers need bail out


cold morning---
a cockroach warms up
under my coffee cup

Sunday, December 07, 2008


back home
I wipe her lipstick off my cheek---
a half moon


Pearl Harbor Day---
evil does not have
one address


first snow---
bride walks out
of a church


blue sky---
I take out the flowers
from my Jasmine tea


December evening rush---
the shopping bags
are smaller this year


cold dawn---
the Christmas trees keeper


the recession---
the barmaid stops
cashing checks


she pulls black satin sheet
over her head


East River bright day---
I look away
kids wearing parkas


blue sky---
smoke travels
shaped like a whale


as I stare at my plate---
my brain had enough


blue sky---
a monk has
nothing to say


she has two
gentlemen callers---
Venus with Jupiter and the moon


last year dust
on the Christmas ornaments

Sunday, November 30, 2008


the recession---
price of beer goes up


Sunday morning fog---
my neighbor's wife
is naked


now we know---
it's Mumbai
not Bombay


the recession---
I shop for a bargain
careful not to be walked on


dinner time---
outside grocery store
a dog waits


Black Friday---
the buyers are deeper
in red than sellers


blue sky---
no whipped cream
for the pumpkin pie


Thanksgiving Day---
walking past
empty houses


the brandy tastes
of eggnog


shopping for Thanksgiving---
but where are
the marshmallows


the bunch of roses
I bought her---
the dog ate them


morning haze---
Wall Street has


my watch stopped---
I ask a beggar
what time it is


Brooklyn Bridge---
canyons of lust in view
recession waxes

Sunday, November 23, 2008


the recession---
the sun sets behind
Citibank skyscraper


blue sky---
the stock market
is closed today


Saturday night---
she wears her red high heels
Christmas nears


bitter cold wind chill---
the mailman says
good morning


the recession---
price of milk goes up
let them drink Guinness


her winter night gown
suddenly opens---
crescent moon


late November farm---
a turkey looks
well fed


gas station---
a GM car
needs a push


bitter cold noon---
the barmaid lost between
to wear or not wear her coat


a drunk pisses
on today's newspaper


the recession---
a madam
has a sale


first frost---
I feed
the aquarium fish


Thai restaurant---
the Beetles sing
picture of a monk


blue sky---
Barack talks
to Hillary

Sunday, November 16, 2008


evening mass---
a nun accidentally


stadium cold wind ---
the marching band
plays louder


Saturday night---
a carriage horse
flirts with another


morning fog---
a peacock sees
no females


the recession---
bribes rise
in value


morning fog---
seagulls on the roof
of a lighting company


I wait my turn
for the flu shot---
the bare arms of trees


waiting for the light
at the end of the tunnel


crowded subway---
she keeps saying to him
no way


chilly November---
I rented a porno movie
by mistake


clear November night---
I forgot my bolo tie
full moon


Armistice Day---
I buy
more Euros


the recession---
China comes
to our rescue


early morning---
November wind
cools my anger

Sunday, November 09, 2008


the crunch of Autumn leaves---
as I pass
a dentures shop


blue sky---
I count
my piggy bank


Saturday night---
alone I watch
my neighbors fight


East River Autumn---
street lights sparkle
the water at dusk


Autumn sunset---
a vampire
licks lips


Autumn gloom---
an Afghan flips
his worry beads


the recession---
a fortune teller
offers free massage


morning drizzle---
a truck driver unloads
potted plants


November drizzle---
I turn off
the Zen music


an heiress
shakes her head---
Obama won


elections returns party---
smell of frying
Alaskan crabs


Elections Day---
seagulls crowd the roof
of the court house


Autumn sunset---
church bells


no one in the courtyard
an opossum crosses

Sunday, November 02, 2008


he finds a rattle snake
in his basement---
crescent moon


daylight saving time ends---
the cat wakes me
an hour early


Saturday night
crowded subway---
man sketches a camel


All Saints Day---
white pigeon pecks
a candy wrapper


warm Halloween night---
bared legs will have
no goose bumps


Halloween night---
a bat gets
no treats


few days to the
I watch "Otello"


early morning---
the cat is fidgeting
I pour more coffee


October cold front---
a sparrow unable
to bite a piece of toast


as I walk
on wet Autumn leaves---
a poster of McCain


October wind storm
died down---
I fax her an apology


windy night---
a witch walks home
Halloween nears


a laundromat---
it's all


bright Autumn day---
I idle
the East River light house

Sunday, October 26, 2008


plastic Fall leaves on sale
as I step on real ones


an SUV stops
to refuel---
GM on the soup line


haunting October rain storm---
she reads
her horoscope


Illinois plays Wisconsin
corn harvest is over


the recession---
a day laborer
takes off his shoes


late October
crescent moon


October night---
who cares how stocks did
crescent moon


blue sky---
the grey cat
is hiding


at McDonald's---
I remember Paul Newman
from his salad dressing


late October wind---
her blond hair flies
along with the leaves


October cold gusts---
green leaf blown
under my door


cold morning---
the bus has no heat
she knits a sweater


East River Autumn sunset---
a swan


black cat tries to
open a garbage bag---
moonless night

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sunday diner---
the after church crowd
are too loud


late October---
an empty
swimming pool


Saturday night---
two smiling cops come
into a dinner for coffee


Saturday morning train---
the sound of someone
brushing their hair


close to Halloween---
the scarecrows are not
scary any more


blue sky---
one more form to fill
to take the flu shot


October sunset---
a surfer
keeps on trying


East River black rocks---
algae flourishes
among garbage


October park---
I watch school girls
play socker


where are my slippers---
a harvest moon


close to the elections---
will Hilary
beat Palin


dawn---she parked on
wrong side of the street
setting full moon


Columbus Day---
someone here thinks
he's in Amsterdam


banks crisis deepens---
a brief case left
on the steps of a church

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Autumn courtyard---
as leaves fall
algae grows


Saturday night---
the comedy is so bad
I write a haiku


the recession---
it's time
to colonize the moon


blue sky---
the seagulls are busy


clear October night---
the smell
of cinnamon


warm Autumn day---
a squirrel wants to know
what I am reading


very dry night---
a half moon
hardly moving


a nun's car
broke down


bad day ends---
the barmaid says
she missed me


the recession---
cheaper to drive to work
but work harder to find


cigar bar---
customer complains
draft from open window


blue sky---
no liquidity
at the banks


more economic woes---
on sale


October dawn---
seagulls wait
for the fish boats

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Autumn Sunday weather was good---
look exhausted


morning Yoga---
the cat and I
stare at each other


October Saturday night---
alone I listen
to boleros


cold October---
a fly follows me
to the kitchen


October sunset---
waiting for her
to finish cooking


cold October wind---
I wear my
baseball jacket


vice presidential debate---
can she play Pygmalion
or can't she


blue sky---
no one accepting
commercial paper


Japanese restaurant---
a fly
does not like me


late September dawn---
I hear


Ramadan ends---
my neighbor offers me
sweets for breakfast


Madison Square Park---
why are bankers
looking down


Mets last game
at Shea Stadium---

Sunday, September 28, 2008


a squirrel drops
a nut on my head


blue sky
changes to grey---
Paul Newman dies


evening fog---
I watch my neighbor
smoke his waterpipe


more Autumn rain---
I wipe the sweat
off my face


Autumn downpour---
I stand under the canopy
of a house for sale


another bank fails---
we need
a leader


I rush to buy
her birthday present---
crescent moon


Autumn waxes---
a fly lies
on its back


UN assembly meets---
easier to talk
than do


a foster child
being taught baseball


Autumn's second day---
I admire
a tree's greenery


Autumn begins---
a witch opens
her curtains


dawn---I need light
to open my door
a half moon

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Autumn sidewalk cafe---
a homeless lady
sits near by


blue sky---
I listen to her
tell me a lie


Saturday night---
his sister going out
on her first date


bright September day---
the cat refuses
to go out


bright September---
a woman holding a baby
talks to her dog


it's a samurai market---
but how come
the Yen is so low


September sunset---
a dead leaf
at my feet


a rat trap
is still empty


sea food mart---
on sale


blue sky---
for a day moon


her birthday---
she does not have
to finish the broccoli


investment bank goes bankrupt---
an ant keeps busy
saving for winter


Starbucks bathroom---
the tunes
sound better


dawn---wind blows
dust in my face
full moon

Sunday, September 14, 2008


tapping my fingers---
a flamenco dancer
stops and glares at me


morning stillness---
a fly keeps
walking the floor


Saturday night football---
she keeps
recrossing her legs


doing laundry---
sand in the pockets
of my shorts


evening September fog---
the dog smells
another dog


September overcast skies---
a butterfly
stays low


reminds me
of face of my nanny---
almost full moon


September Eleven---
I remember to fix
lock of my backdoor


September bright day---
cold wind makes
the sun feel hotter


Paris pales
compared to Palin---
McCain has now camp


at Applebee's---
I finnished
my broccoli


I look up as
a jetliner passes


September street fair---
only the babes
look appetizing


an ant
comes back

Sunday, September 07, 2008


she stopped walking around
in her under wear


September blue sky---
the dog ate
his homework


September thunder storms---
I share my bed
with the cat


September rain---
I make
split pea soup


dark clouds move in
I smell incense


blue sky---
the cotton candy man
is sold out


a little girl asks
what "Yankees" means


she took my picture
off her desk


evening rush---
I recall a beach
past Summer night


September blues---
I visit
the steam baths


McCain's running mate---
at first sight


rubber mouse sticks out
of garbage can---
first day of school


the U.S. Open---
the sun in my eyes
I cheer at random

a long weekend---
I ran out
of chocolate

Monday, September 01, 2008


a hurricane will flood
New Orleans again---
why live there


blue sky---
they play tennis
without a net


August Saturday night---
so what if she wears
hot pants


rainy morning---
I go back to sleep
August ends


East River rapid---
streaks of white clouds
Summer ends


hurricane Gustav
targets New Orleans---
yes we can


Barak on a football stadium---
the commercials
are by McCain


Labor Day weekend---
I'll relax by working
when it's over


early morning---
a yogi pisses
in a drinking glass


Democrats Party Convention---
she lost but he
has not won yet


blue sky---
I am getting to like


too late to go sleep
crescent moon


New Orleans jazz---
it can still
bring down the roof


hard times---
returning empty beer cans
to the store

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Olympics are over---

Obama comes back
as a mortal


bar bathroom---
they fight
over a man


fish market
Atlantic salmon---
I caught bigger this morning


the smell of watermelon
from last night garbage


restaurants food too expensive---
she wants to go
to McDonald's


wedding party---
groom much younger than the bride
Summer ends


Tony Bennett sings---
I age well


wind fueled---Hurricane Fay shows
Daytona Beach what fast
really looks like


always good weather
for a war


blue sky---
no empty spot on the beach
late August


Summer Olympics---
pandas have
plenty to eat


dawn---street lined with
empty trash cans
full moon


street lined with copper trash cans
full moon


the barmaid bows
as I pass her


I stop viewing
the lilacs

Sunday, August 17, 2008


hot August night---
she stands
staring out of her window


blue sky---
no milk left
for the kittens


hiking the woods---
their coolness sedates
late August


Olympic gymnasts perform---
I watch
a sloth sleeping


where do Yuppies
go for coffee now?


morning stillness---
during late August
downtown emptiness


through a hole in the clouds
the sun sets---
August lightening


a crow stands
on a gasoline pump


August late night---
at the bar
she wears shorts and smiles


blue sky---
I put the bedsheets
in laundry bin


August crowded pool---
no one wants
to play polo


grocery store at rush hour---
looking what's cheap
tempers flare


fancy French restaurant---
but where are
the truffles


Summer thunderstorms---
a surfer puts his board
on his head

Sunday, August 10, 2008


bicycles race on top
Great Wall of China---
that beats the Alps


August dusk---
pregnant woman takes a dip
a half moon


August Madison Square Park---
they all look like
Paris Hilton


August blue sky---
a Chinese dragon


Starbucks Summer---
young Egyptian housewives


August cloudy skies---
who cares remnants
of which hurricane


August sunset---
the eggplants have
in their soil baked


running after a bus---
mosquito in my way
August sun


Hiroshima Day---
I still want
to know why


Santa Fe---
chamber music swoons
August cactus stings


a real estate broker
says its price now is---


August dawn---
old man washes his feet
with garden hose


August fruit stand---
their cat
is well fed


Summer clouds---
the snows of Kilimanjaro
are whiter

Sunday, August 03, 2008


blue sky---
a jellyfish swims upwards


August heat---as they pass
her new boyfriend
tries to act cool


the man who
killed with anthrax---
killed himself with Tylenol


blue sky---
I look for place to hide
my diary from her


Summer barbecue---
it's the beer
that makes it taste good


a Coca- Cola sign
turns off


morning flower bulbs
at the backdoor---
who needs this kind of intrusion


morning haze---
she asks
who picked our lilacs


evening rush---
squirrel wants cross sidewalk


morning train---
he hauls his golf clubs
late July


more Summer
economic misery---
I reread Marx


Summer sunset---
she comes
too soon


Summer haze---
she wears
a beige bikini


smell coffee from house
of difficult neighbor

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Central Park Summer---
the gondolier acts more drunk
than his passengers


high noon---
the air conditioner
runs on solar


Central Park Summer---
a bride
next to the water lilies


Central Park Summer---
on a tree-roofed path
live cool jazz


blue sky---
who cares what color
Earth is


a line waits outside
the dialysis center


mid Summer---
swimming pool is crowded
she plays footsie


garbage bag busted---
seagulls call
Summer smog


outside a bank homeless man
holds sign---
they had me foreclosed


after a Summer dry spell---
the dog drinks
fresh rain water


my train is late---
I watch a cockroach
going home


bright Summer day---
I dump the wilted


dead tree cut
into pieces---
July nude beach


dawn--- trying again
to steal the show
full moon

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Summer wind rushes through branches---
she stops


blue sky---
she wears her Panama hat
July heat wave


another day of heat wave---
car exhausts make
cyclist curse


new poet laureate * ---
she has the same
hair cut as mine



gay bar---
she comes on
too aggressive


July heatwave---
a rat goes out
for breakfast


July sunset---
Ozone level
too high


the hens are
all alone


at Chinese fast food to go
little girl sleeps---


July waterfall---
his friendship * also knew
how to relieve

* remembering a friend who died recently


mid July---
of naked flesh


a black cat comes out
of the garbage room


Bastille Day---
they now eat cake
and are too fat


Summer downpour---
I sit in a vine
covered patio

Sunday, July 13, 2008


the maze at
Lincoln Center Plaza


Central Park hot day---
driver of a carriage
talks to his horse


a peach bearing tree drops one
over my head---


Summer high noon---
the barmaid watches
a cowboy movie


Summer sunset---
white with envy
a half moon


July at the gym---
It's too


Summer playground---
is it Puppy who squeaks
or little girl?


blue sky---
a good friend died


the price of rice went up
I order sashimi---
saki on the side


July early morning sky---
a geisha dancer
still in make up


at Starbucks---
the smell of fish


last month power bill---
I turn off
the air conditioner


July sunset---
land too hot
a duck walks on water


five pm
church bells ring---
Frère Jacques

Sunday, July 06, 2008


crowded Tex-Mex restaurant---
smell of sulfur dioxide


Tour de France---
no carbon


crescent moon---
a July firework
fizzles out


clothing optional beach---
no one


July Fourth fireworks---
I stand next to
an Iraqi refugee


suddenly note the red
of Old Glory---
July Fourth


she wears tight blue jeans
and hijab---
July Fourth


Summer haze---
my neighbor wears
his turban


Madison Square Park July---
Blue Grass band plays
little girl dances


price of food is up---
a grocer has sale
on leftovers containers


Summer wind---
I turn off
the fan


hot day---
I take a nap
in a movie theater


Summer crowded subway---
the smell
of sardines


heavy dust on my copy
of Paradise Lost

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Sunday Summer showers---
she carries umbrella
but does not use it


blue sky---
a polar bear has fun


a man at the beach yells---
I need oil to drive home
late June sunset


June beach sunrise---
a man forgot
his swimsuit


the price of food is up---
people on food stamps
need more stamps


fell asleep watching
a Yankees' rerun


Summer deepens---
I start reading


overcast June morning---
lox and cream cheese
but no bagel


a peacock shows off
to a peacock---
California sunrise


blue sky---
foam from an ocean wave
at my feet


bright Summer day
East River boat ride---
the sparkle in her eyes


Summer early morning---
a fat sparrow wants me
to share my bagel


George Carlin died---
that's really


Summer fog---
a street clown
skips the make up

Sunday, June 22, 2008


June street park---
his black nanny is
his soccer coach


Summer school students


tomatoes may
contain poison---
the price is still the same


Equinox Summer sunset---
a kid's kite's
bye bye


June cloudy skies---
the bride wears


an old friend calls
full moon


mixed softball game---
the pitcher
keeps bitching


a black woman in purple dress
glares at me


economy bad---
ninety-nine cent store
charges sales tax


blue sky---
the cotton in a field
is high


Madison Square Park
dogs living well


Summer afternoon bedroom---
the Venetian blinds
are shut tight


Summer haze---
the barmaid puts
her legs on the bar


but a vampire still
has not had enough

Sunday, June 15, 2008


June playground---
little girl squeaks
the swing squeaks back


Summer downpour---
she orders her pasta
al dente


Summer showers---
I wish
I had soap


the smell of fried onions
as a car passes---
nice climate change


Fathers' day---
but where
are they


June sunrise walk---
the dog


June clear night---
outside a bodega
the Salsa is loud


hot June---
lonesome singing on the roof
a half moon


slow Summer afternoon---
the barmaid listens
to my big fish stories


June blue sky---
I go to buy
sunscreen for her


June white lightning---
the lilacs


fourth day of heat wave---
the fun part is
people wear fewer clothes


Summer lightning----
the barmaid has a special
on white beer


heat wave---
the air too bad to breath
I go to a cigar bar

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Sunday heat wave---
in afternoon showers
a drunk pisses


heat wave---
the cat has
a bad dream


Big Brown bested---
a hedge fund
takes a write down


morning haze---
an exhibitionist keeps
the curtains closed


fresh Summer strawberries---
she keeps pointing
her toes


too humid
morning run---
I cheat


hot June---
the banana cream pie
smells bad


June overcast skies---
Mariachis band
warmth in the park


June rain stopped---
a drunk waters some more
the lilacs


June rainy day---
the brick layers
play scrabble


not all legs
are created equal


the recession---
bankers still got
bankers hours


watching people
who watch the East River---
June sunset


blue sky---
but the coffee
is too light

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Summer wind---


June First---
I move my shorts
to the front of closet


Saturday night---
because of rain
a bookworm stays home


The French Open starts---
a red worm


windows closed---
I feel I'm captive
of the fly


blue sky---
I keep forgetting
which day of the week it is


with binoculars I watch
graffiti artists at work


I ate the melon
day crescent


the lilacs
May sunset


hard times---
the cab driver
used to be a banker


back to work---
vanilla ice cream drips
on my necktie


Madison Square Park hot day---
couple necking
pigeons fight

Monday, May 26, 2008


our spacecraft landed on Mars---
when will the Martians
send real one to us


Memorial Day---
waiting for George Bush
to leave office


low tide---
she's on seaweed


a fisherman


Saturday night---
after long wait in line
we have to eat with chopsticks


having a fight---
she tells me
stop acting like Sarkozy*



blue sky---
walking bare foot
the beeches open


almost Summer---
she cleans her closet
I order a Thai salad


full moon at dawn---
a swaying drunk
looks up and smiles


tough bar---
she just returned
from Iraq


sudden Spring showers---
her mascara


lower East Side bar---
he pretends
to know soccer


blue sky---
a new tar roof


heavy rain---
a turtle is having
a drink


the cat
comes home


the wind lifts her skirt
she blushes---
Spring sunset


Big Brown---
a horse that can win back
our being in the black

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Mets play Yankees---
who wins
does matter


outside McDonald's---
a fat boy asks me
for a quarter


hot Spring sun follows/
drenching day---/
a fly flies


blue sky---
but she does not


at the gym---
she wants to know
who I think I am


more Spring showers---
a man hands out
free soap samples


beautiful Spring day---
the barmaid wears
a kimono


creeping dark clouds
erase it


Fifth Avenue---
a man wears a skirt
many women wear pants


blue sky---
an ocean liner


finally a warm May day---
I stare back
at a lizard


morning after the storm---
I pet
the lilacs


one more dance---
she holds me


wind swept cold rain---
truck makes stops
to deliver bottled water

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mother's Day---
restaurants crowded
but who are mothers


on a pond
one of her chicks lags behind---
Mother's Day


blue sky---
the chatterbox
is silent


Spring Saturday night---
a young man whistles
"Yankee Doodle"*



Spring rain storm---
the roof of the shower


Friday night at the gym---
she asks me
where's the bathroom


she swings her bare leg
as I talk to her---
juice bar


hearing the call for prayer
as I pass a mosque---
Spring sunset


Hudson River Park---/
ducks feed/
I order fish


trees dressed to a tee
girls undressed to a leaf---
Spring heats up


Spring warms up---
not just on the arms


May sunset---
I forgot to send
my old lady flowers


cool lounge---/
she sings in French/
with Spanish accent


blue sky---
I can't stand
the smell of ouzo


May playground---
girls on the swings laugh
at boys on the slide

Sunday, May 04, 2008


poison-free fugu*/
safe to eat its liver/
but don't eat its liver



next to police precinct---
she waters her garden
and my pants


chilly May morning---
dew drops on the door
of the outhouse*



Saturday night---
she said it's hot here
no more words spoken


morning fog---
I take off
my eyeglasses


Friday night---
a church organist
plays pool


early morning---
the lilacs survived
last night tears


she stands in fifth*
to wait for her drink

*Ballet position of the feet


under crescent moon
a black bird sings


Spring waxes---
little girl plays soccer
with tennis balls


blue sky---
the white tulips


playing softball
against the cold wind


waiting for
dark clouds to clear---
seagulls on a roof pace


heavy Spring rain---
a friend spiced
my espresso


stormy Spring---
the cat hides
under my chair

Sunday, April 27, 2008


overcast Sunday---
the lilacs
remind me of last night


Spring drizzle---
her frizzy red hair
gets wet


check out---
the clerk wants to know
how many bags of rice I got


overcast Spring day---
an empty plastic bag rolls
my shoe untied


Madison Square Park---
no sub prime anything


April ends---
the sun shines
on a dead fly


blue sky---
the parrot
is very quiet


needs another night cap
for the dawn---
waxing moon


Union Square---
but no one speaks out


blue sky---
my neighbor tells
another big fish story


dull April afternoon---
one of my exes


primary Tuesday---
it's about time
the fat lady sings


hot sun and cold wind---
I drink another beer


morning fog---
she wipes the dust
off her portrait

Sunday, April 20, 2008


mass at Yankee Stadium---
his Holiness decides
to play hardball


the price of rice
goes up---
I start hording sake


hot April day---
Cherry petals scatter
her new toenail paint


Madison Square Park Spring day---
dog and his mistress
walk shaking their tails


her blond hair shines
over her business suit---
full moon at dusk


out for a walk
my shadow scares me


hot Spring day---
the cat thinks
this is a jungle


the subway surfaces---
a symphony
of ring tones


April warms---
I chat with a woman
who wears a Sox cap


blue sky---
I step on white
Cherry tree petals


give to Caesar what---
the Pope visits
on Tax Day


Tax Day---
the sun shines
on a house for sale


I stopped to view
a Cherry tree---
April sunset


blue sky---
her windows are all
fogged up

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Greek bar---
I use sign language
to chat up the belly dancer


blue sky---
a grey horse pisses
on new grass


Cherry trees blossom---
construction workers
nonstop whistling


new driver---
my bus arrives
on time


foggy day---
the rest of this
is at present not available


the birds sing
the cat pretends sleep


warm Spring day---
the woman in the token booth
smiles at me


new Olympic sport---
hide and seek
the Torch


evening rush---
a kitten sticks out
of a crowded duffel bag


green plastic stirrers
too narrow for sniffing


April cold wind
and hot sun---
Chinese what?


a voyeur
needs more time


Spring cleaning---
I misplaced the Drano
in the frig


Cherry trees blossom---
she asks have I seen
her new tattoo

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Spring sun warms---
she jogs on Third Avenue
wearing shorts


Madison Square Park---
people sit in Spring sun
wearing their Winter coats


nice Spring day---
I help a neighbor
go up stairs


economy is bad---
my barber switches
to sheep*



early morning---
the sound of rock 'n roll band
from a church


with so many keys on her ring
she may have your heart's


heavy rain---
I bend down to tie
her shoe laces


waiting for my Cuban cigars
to arrive by Fed Ex---
Bill smokes


an old pair of pants
fit too loose---
Spring morning walk


sunny Spring day---
at the corner store
firemen buy charcoal


a pile of black trash bags
wait for pick up


April showers---
who cares
about getting wet


April's Fool---
she tells
the truth


a cat runs
the parrot barks---
a dull March ends


March drizzle---
a long line to buy
baseball tickets

Sunday, March 30, 2008


a woman wearing
the burka passes by


Sunday morning---
the preacher doesn't
talk elections


upper class gym---
there's* more
women than men



blue sky---
nothing left
of last night macaroons


the sound of laughter
on the beach---
Spring sunset


late March chill---
her naked legs
suddenly part


overcast skies---
who needs
all that progeny


morning rush---
man on my left
chats with woman on my right


late March warmth---
cloud shaped like
a mushroom head


morning rush pale faces---
no Spring break
for this crowd


pluming and heating shop---
a bombshell passes
sunny March


the blandness
of an egg whites omelet


seagull crosses to wrong
side of tracks---
an elections year


early morning---
the witch's lights
are still on

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Parade---
the only time you see
fruits on Fifth Avenue


blue sky---
the sprinklers are not working
late March


candy store---/
I buy sour jelly beans/
Spring cold wind


empty subway---
I think of last year Mets games


blue sky---
a nun looks down
Good Friday morning


full moon---
the barmaid kisses me
on the cheek


Spring first day---
she wears
no bra


strong March wind---
my neighbor
coughs louder


in order to form
a more perfect union---
let's hear* one another



March showers---
I stay


not enough money
to buy a pizza slice


morning stillness---
a garbage truck


people wear green
for St. Pat Day---
naked trees


blue sky---

Sunday, March 16, 2008


sunset---clouds move in
I watch
a Grace Kelly movie


March Madness*---
I keep watching
the golf channel



St. Patrick's Day---
the man at the door
cards me


lilac buds behind
iron bars fence---
it starts to rain


Spring nears---
street gang threaten another
in a cheap diner


overcast day---
an old Checker Cab*
passes by



early Spring narrow street
lined with bare trees---
we hold hands


the barmaid is out
of lemon wedges---
a half moon


it's time the blind*
lead the seeing---
Elliot Spitzer resigns



the barmaid smiles
at my joke---
waxing crescent


blue sky---
a white poodle
sleeps at my feet


watch out for
all that spit flying around---
Client 9 uncovered*



my second time---
barmaid remembers my drink
crescent moon


brisk March---
PE class runs the tracks
as I wait my bus


the barmaid raises
her eyebrow as I enter---
crescent moon

Sunday, March 09, 2008


today's crossword too hard---
I try figure
who's she calling


grey patches of clouds---
I try to fit in my old
hippie jeans


no one wants to play checkers---
I watch
a Charlie Chaplin movie


morning fog---
my difficult neighbor
is very quiet


a meter maid asks me
what time is it---
day light saving time starts


blue sky---
the kitchen sink
is clogged again


work coffee breaks long enough
to ask for her phone number


Dred Scott Decision Day*----
but this year
he is running for president

*On March 6, 1857, in its Dred

Scott decision, the Supreme Court

held that Scott, a slave, could not

sue for his freedom in a federal



morning strands
of white clouds---
she redyes her hair


March coldness---
the playground grand turtle
raises its head


March showers---
she swooshes my shirt
with her clinking clunker


fog at sunset---
I ask for a second
Martini olive


I broke the bottle
of the orange juice


warm March evening rush---
the smell of dirty hair
and stale perfume


bus stop---she smokes
with one hand and shakes
at him the other's finger

Sunday, March 02, 2008


March bright day---
I adjust
my Yankees cap


morning stillness---
my neighbor's hand
waves hello


boy pushes a load
of water melons---
February is over


Maya* blue sky---
I sacrifice
a dozen Blue Points



morning drizzle---
my window is scribbled
with pauses


sunny--- teen girls pass me
and giggle
almost Spring


waiting for my train---
shadows of birds
travel the rails


end of February---
too green strawberries
on sale


blue sky---
I ask her
that we hold hands


miniskirt--- her walk
makes it hard not to stare
almost Spring


fog at sunset---
I view
a film noir


at Starbucks---
he grades
her exam


Madison Square Park---
couple dance tango
then pass the hat


man in trench coat pretends
pissing in snow


after snow stopped
a white feather falls

Sunday, February 24, 2008


bright day---
yesterday's snow


blue sky---
I go to buy
lactose free milk


a redhead asks me
how's the salmon


snow melted
from the fire escape---
squirrel walks down


February blizzard---
I tell kids playing in snow
merry Christmas


at dawn---
no more milk


windy day---
the mailman
arrives early


holding the binoculars
in her hands---she has
more rings than Saturn


strong wind gusts---
I hug
a tree


blue sky---
some one whistles
in the bathroom


February sunset---
I made
the salsa


she shows me
her new tattoo---
full moon sets


the rain stops
sun comes out---
a dolphin jumps


rainy dawn---
I feed
the gold fish

Sunday, February 17, 2008


he knocks on my door---
wants to know
if Matilde lives here


Sunday morning stillness---
the cat


blue sky---
I skip
Karate class


dog walking time in Chelsea---
I can smell
the loneliness


one more campus shooting---
isn't this
also terror?


Madison Square Park---
she's alone at the fountain
a half moon


Cherry trees
on her block bud---
Valentine's Day


blue sky---
senior citizen couple out
for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day---
when love is never free
but there's always a sale


all the snow gone
this morning---
with last night barmaid smiles


caught in a snow storm---
I walk into
the nearest bar


the snow starts---
my neighbor quits
his computer game


Lincoln's Birthday---
whoever wins* today
prejudice loses

* 2008 Democratic Party

presidential primaries


her smile widens---
crescent moon sets


blue sky---
so what if it's so cold
the pond froze


crescent moon
over skyline---
bridge traffic slows

Sunday, February 10, 2008


strong wind driven
snow flurries---
it feels like facial


I watch an iguana eat
cactus leaves on tv


Saturday night---
getting very hungry
waiting for a pizza


she's upset 'cause
I woke her up


alone on a pier
he plays the trombone---
Winter sunset


a construction site
on a Winter day---
got sand in my shoes


dancing a little---
I kill
a cockroach


grey sky---
the seagulls take
the day off


for the new year*---
a temple nun
washes Buddha



waiting for the train---
parallel lines meet
at infinity


warm February night---
the cat wants
to go out


sun behind clouds---
a rat runs
across the parking lot


ticker tape parade
for the Giants*---
they're friendlier when off field

* The New York Giants won
Super Bowl XLII


Fat Tuesday---
hope your candidate*
will have enough meat

* Fat Tuesday this year is
also Super Tuesday


hard times---
a pimp
takes a write-down


my neighbor's parrot
louder than usual---
tomorrow is Mardi Gras

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Super Bowl night---
I rush home
not to miss any commercials


morning ice on the roofs---
she closes
her chiffon curtains


walking across
the Brooklyn bridge---
it's our cathedral


looking at last month
heating oil bill


rainy night---
the clicks of high heels
behind me


the water in the gutter


blue sky---
an old man
forgot to shave


my snow boots still
in the back of closet---
January ends


strong wind pushes me---
how many watts
can it produce?


morning stillness---
I turn off
my cell phone


passing a funeral home---
their plants need
some water


his last state of union speech---
he said the words
climate change


outside beauty salon---
a bull dog pisses
on no parking sign


cold dawn---
a migrant worker
cycles to work

Sunday, January 27, 2008


a diner late January---
I touch a rose
to see if it's real


boring January---
I go get
a seaweed salad


Winter sunset---
she leaves me


cold morning---
I exercise by
clearing my desk of books


all it took was that
his opponent wear black---
Federer lost*

*at the Australian Open


blue sky---
except for
a setting day moon


doing yoga---
the cat thinks
I'm a real tree


morning oatmeal---
the no pleasure
of preventing heart attacks


blue sky---
a child asks
where are the stars


my night light won't go off
full moon


women's basketball---
why aren't
the cheerleaders men?


blue sky---
the gluttony
of a smoke column


Martin Luther King Day---
I have a dream there'll be
no more hunger


bitter cold morning---
a witch has
her curtains open

Sunday, January 20, 2008


a Bangkok sidewalk cafe---
an elephant*
walks in



a truck stop---
what does your car
want to eat?


a party---
trying to dance salsa and
speak Spanish at the same time


new graffiti
in black and white


sunny January day---
I teach a kid
how to draw beach balls


blue sky---
white lilies stick out
of a garbage bag


the Australian Open---
watching them play
while here it snows


late night half moon
at the window---
she covers her hair


first date---
she lets him hold
her iPhone


she offers to read
my Turkish coffee cup---
a half moon


at the gym---
everyone watches
the financial news


morning train in a tunnel---
the cool silence
of dead phones


overcast afternoon---
a garbage truck
wakes me up


her shiny hair
on my face

Sunday, January 13, 2008


mid January
betting on a football game---
out of habit


blue sky---
forecast of a snow storm


Madison Square Park---
got a quarter?
I have to use the toilet*

* Madison Square Park has now
a toilet which costs 25 cents per
use. Read more about it at


morning stillness---
the cat wants to talk


at the race track better luck sign

than horseshoes---
crescent moon


from top of the world
he peeked at heaven---
Edmund Hillary* dies



cloudy sky---
no milk to put
the granola in


the whiteness
of an all night diner


bright day---
the dirt on my mirror
stares back at me


new year waxes---
dumped Christmas trees
line the street


West Village bar---
she talks with
a hoarse whisper


New Hampshire


blue sky---
who cares how white
her satin dress is


bills of last month

Sunday, January 06, 2008


mild winter night---
a street cat
acts up


January Saturday night---
Empire State Building
red head points out


Hudson river---
snow on the shore rocks
and seagulls


I get over
my January blues


after winning Iowa---
Obama is now
black enough


Big Apple Winter---
the wearing
of black


very cold day---
a chimney
keeps on talking


blue sky---
looking through
an iced window


January bitter cold---
hugs me


January started---
the silence
of going back to work


the cat sniffs
a spent firecracker---
soon comes the brown earth rat*

*name of the Chinese new year


new year's day---
there is rice
on the sidewalk


new year's eve---
a man pisses
on fifth avenue


last day of the year---
the snowman
is all gray