Friday, June 01, 2012


a black woman wears
a pearl necklace---
June First blue sky


early morning---
the smell of burned


blue sky---
a man is having
an eye exam


the French Open---
even the pigeons are
color coordinated


big city cacophony---
I listen to a park


"it's harder to write less
to say more"
Toni Morrison


East River late May---
women in bikinis
sunbath alone


a non-verbal haiku---
no more than seventeen


late May cool breeze---
I shut off
my fans


Memorial Day---
the picnics abound
but the contrition is scarce


Archimedes Spiral---
a merry go round that
keeps expanding


Memorial Day---
what did we gain
after a decade in two wars?


nice Summer day---
as a biplane flies over
a dragonfly lands


overcast Sunday morning ---
the oatmeal is
fully cooked


the Pope's butler
did it


after a Spring shower
the sun comes out to set---
but no one is there


a rainbow---
God's sign to Noah
there would never be another flood


after days of May rain---
the sun shines
a gardner whistles


crescent moon over the skyline-
who's your
baby tonight


skyline fog at sunset---
but you can still
play baseball


a body moves
in a straight line---
unless acted upon by a force


morning fog---
my sexy neighbor opens
her curtains


afternoon fog---
a soccer player shoots
at the wrong goal


his first day in school---
a kid tells his mother
what happened


morning fog---
a man asks me
for directions


Times Square---
people don't say excuse me
before they push you any more


pieces of our poetic musings---
auctioned on
Wall Street


as Spring warms up---
I reread a Pablo Neruda


I write in pencil---
so that I can


yesterday's storm is
still here


afternoon fog---
a stutter speaks


indigo snakes---
you don't want to see
how they kill their prey


morning fog---
it's a normal rush hour
in the subway


East River May---
a sunny Sunday makes
the dour smile


as you grow older---
make sure you like your doctor
you'll see him a lot


Sunday Spring blue sky---
a preacher describes
Hell fire


Japanese tea ceremony---
you need to go to school
to learn it


Saturday blue sky---
a delivery man puts
his legs up


East River Spring bright day---
the bikinis are
out in force


Magic Mirror on the wall---
who is the fairest
one of all?


May blue sky---
a fly climbs
my kitchen window


May sunset---
an accountant


heart "science"---
the good cholesterol isn't
any better than the bad


Spring blue sky---
a squirrel does not like
my garbage


Summer night---
a dancer sways to the beat
of a goblet drum


morning fog---
a parrot says
more coffee


May dense fog---
a man says good evening
to a tree


by any other name---
a rose is still
a rose


overcast May---
a poet writes
a limerick


a child walks
for the first time


overcast Monday morning---
the rush hour adds
to its dreariness


two men out on Mother's Day---
discuss Freud's
Oedipus Complex


the reason the Garden of Eden
is on Earth


Spring blue sky--
a mother hen is trailed
by chicks


Spring sunset---
a country road
is full of potholes


da Vinci's Last Supper---
they all want to know
where is Judas


May blue sky---
the garden lettuce
is flourishing


almost dawn---
a geometry student still trying
to "square the circle"


as a Spring storm
winds down---
a blue sky


on the road to a second term---
Obama supports
same sex marriage


"cherchez la femme"---
the most powerful person
in Europe is a woman


Spring rainy day---
a Sapporo truck
passes by


burn more fat
and less gasoline---


overcast day---
I stare at
an orange


not enough anchovies---
seabirds die
off the shore of Peru


an old husky---
wants no one to pet it
except its owner


his mom holds his hand---
a kid's first time
at the dentist


May cloudy sky---
a math teacher returns
the exam papers


nice Spring day---
a butterfly lands
on a sidewalk weed


Sunday they wake up
in the same bed---
not recalling Saturday night


cloudy May Sunday---
I buy freshly baked


Saturday night fog---
the clicks of high heels
behind me


the Kentucky Derby---
the only horse race
non gamblers watch


Cinco de Mayo---
a small Mexican army
stuns the French marines


I open the curtain---
nothing but
morning fog


rainy May---
a man takes cover under
a Japanese Maple tree


evening fog---
a man forgets to turn on
his head lights


he buys her a ruby ring---
not knowing
she's color blind


a record---
"The Scream" sells for
hundred and twenty million bucks


Freud was right---
all mental life is about


skyline afternoon fog---
lanky men wearing
ten gallon hats


May starts---
I ask Google when is
Mother's Day


Spring overcast sky---
a frog goes back
into the pond


morning fog---
a cyclist sings loudly
May First