Sunday, April 29, 2007


she lets me
hold her hand


late Spring---college girls
are out on the town
no one whistles any more


the Cherry Blossoms
of Park Avenue---
their petals don't fall


blooming daffodils
steal the show


Spring drizzle---
she lets the umbrella
dip back


morning stillness---
a snail is one step
closer to the edge


late afternoon---time to
stare into empty space
at Starbucks


morning rush---
the donut drips on
the story about trans fats


Spring dark clouds---
my barber asks
if I want all the grey out


baby leaves
go to work


end of the line---
a priest
smiles at me


she rests under
the Cherry Blossom tree


sitting in the warm
Spring sun---
I think of nothing


early morning---
a Spring breeze
carries car exhausts

Sunday, April 22, 2007


hot Spring day---
the girls across the alley
sunbath on the roof


she makes me
a blackberry smoothie


bright Spring day---
The Hudson sparkles
crystal cups click


warm Spring night---
her cleavage glistens
under a crescent moon


beautiful Spring day---
a dog never
catches the frisbee


blue sky---
a cleaning lady takes
the morning train home


no more rays
shine on the clock dial


overcast morning---
I am out
of clean white shirts


her lips are about
to kiss---
Cherry Blossom buds part


the purple buds
in her flat garden


cold and dark Spring day---
a dead squirrel
in a tree pit


morning rush---
the usual
black knights


Virginia Tech blood---
why is it so easy
to buy a gun?


high pressure moved out
low pressure moved in---
but still no sun

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Spring rain storm---
running to catch a bus
that splashed me


on Tax Day---
but for me no refunds


Madison Square Park---
a winter tree statue
sexier than real ones


morning walk---
beneath a tree
new leaves brush my cheek


feeling my age
in the gym---
an old lady flirts with me


heavy Spring rain---
in a bar the beer
runs like rivers


my friend says
there is no haiku


morning rain---
go to work


wearing a white mask
because of the pollution---
a day moon


New York subway---
her tee shirt says Red what?
early Spring


mid April---
a tree has not shot
any of its arrows yet


her picture
fell down


picking tomatoes to buy
she asks me which ones
I like best---Spring


morning stillness---
the tree buds
keep on pointing

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter Sunday---
a white dove
flies off a church tower


blue sky---
the cat hides
under my desk


swimming next to me---
her bikini bra
is smaller than my goggles


cold Spring day---
palm trees inside
the shopping mall


Good Friday---
my neighbor prays
in a mosque


snow flurries close to
the sound of bells


gloomy day---
a blind man passes
a blooming cherry tree


Spring chill---
I remember
January warmth


pouring rain---
I run into
my swimming instructor


too many yellow tulips
and no lilacs


eating in a deli---
the bread basket
has some unleavened


holy week---
my neighbor
gives me a hug


at the gym---
each time I look at her
she looks back at me


she has her toenails
painted pink---
Sakura petals fall

Sunday, April 01, 2007


standing in line---
all women to see
all men dancing


April's Fool---
I don't receive any mail
in my Bulk folder


Fourteen Street Pier
two boys fight
over a kite---Spring wind


a horsefly in my house
thinks it is a free country---


pissing at night---
a full moon tells me
if my aim is bull's-eye


blue sky---
above my head stands
a traffic chopper


evening rush---
a man plays the guitar
but no one hears it


warm Spring night---
a setting moon
takes its time


fine Spring day---
the Spider Mums
got me


a flock of geese
flies in a circle---


beautiful Spring afternoon---
my neighbor wears
her black leather skirt


farmers market---
a pear looks like
a potato


on a deserted sidewalk---
a long line
of ants


Spring Break---
two coeds turn their heads
to look at me