Monday, September 28, 2009


Sunday morning fog---
the church bells
ring louder


Queensboro Bridge walkway---
viewing New York and
not having to look up


I buy Italian prunes---
sweetness then


September perfect day---
there is a crack
in her window's glass


her ice cream cone drips---
late September


a man is out
with three dogs---
moonless night


no more cursing---
the barmaid sets
the bar higher


I teach subtraction to a kid
using coins---
he does not like it


the UN meets---
the art of saying
and doing nothing


morning train---
everyone is
on the same page


clouds at sunset---
my white omelet
is ready


overcast skies---
I open a bar
of Belgium dark chocolate


first day of Autumn---
the trees leaves
look luscious


first day of Autumn---
we need not worry here
about hurricanes

Monday, September 21, 2009


last day of Summer---
the lawn sunbather
loosens her top


September nice day---
a brick layer
stops to look up


Central Park conga band---
a carriage horse
walks to the beat


blue sky---
take a look at
life after death


East River blue sky---
I forget
to put on sunscreen


morning haze---
a jogger
runs backward


free health care for all---
but will it cover
my fortune teller


morning stillness---
the sound
of wind chimes


sardines for dinner---
I share
with the cat


morning rush---
her taffeta dress
touches me


firemen stop
to look


East River sunny Monday---
ducks relax
on the soccer field

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


US Open---


U of C plays
Ohio State---
Ares takes notes


the US Open---
Serena Williams
melts down


blue sky---
I dig out a beer mug
from the frig


evening fog---
a cigar bar
keeps its door open


September early morning---
a teacher writes
on the board her name


rainy day---
a female impersonator
skips the make up


September Eleven morning
in a coffee shop---
the silence


Obama's health care speech
to Congress---
there's still cotton in some ears


the US Open---
Oudin lost
there is still next year


morning clouds
oyster fishermen unload---
a rocky beach


summer street roses stand---
a man asks
for daffodils


back to work
after Labor Day---
I pass a snail


at the US Open---
Oudin does it
one more time


a carriage horse
has the day off---
happy Labor Day

Monday, September 07, 2009


for greener energy
I turn off the lights---
Full moon


Labor Day weekend---
the cat
stays out till late


at the US open---
a star is born
Melanie Oudin


blue sky---
a ditch digger stops
to take off his shirt


she gets up
to breast feed her baby---
a harvest moon


how to greet others
in the era of the swine flu---
just say hi


a dog walk---
she says
don't be shy now


September dawn---
a lighthouse
goes to sleep


Roosevelt Island---
their backyards face
the Queens side


anti free market rules
Japan surrenders---
September Second


East River nice day
but no picnics---
September First


blue sky---
a little girl
asks me why


East River foul smell---
two men argue
about health care public option


wind blows dirt in my face
last day of August