Sunday, November 25, 2007


November sunset---
with a kick


blue sky---
we ran out
of toilet paper


Christmas shopping---
I forgot
her present size


full moon says
so what


Thanksgiving leftovers---
a harvest moon
wrapped with clouds


Black Friday
starts at midnight---
a long line to buy bagels


Thanksgiving Day---
a rat awaits
arrival of the garbage


morning haze---
I watch
high definition TV


we have house guests
for Thanksgiving--- I find
a brown leaf under my bed


harvest moon
above the skyline---
I take out the garbage


at the dentist---
someone's ring tones


dollar too low---
a street vendor
lists prices in euros


she has a twinkle
in her eyes---
I order more oysters


waiting for dawn---
I put milk
in my coffee

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Madison Square Park---
the solitude of
an Autumn Saturday night


end of November---
on the menu?


wrong address---
the doorman wears
a diamond earing


wading through yellow leaves
to cross the street---
a half moon


it's so cold
nothing is open on the beach


end of November storm---
no money
for a cab


Japan's spacecraft pictures*---
I prefer to view
the moon from the Earth


I have no
internet connection


cramming for an exam---
she swallows
the book


morning frost
on a tar roof---
the TV has no signal


more dead leaves
to shovel


overcast day---
she wears
her turquoise ring


the bridge lights turn on---
I ask for more


morning stillness---
a yellow leaf

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Veterans Day---
smart people
start wars


putting diamonds
on the heads of rusty nails---
first frost


I give her a piece
of my pumpkin pie


overcast day---
I take off
my eyeglasses


November drizzle---
she holds
my hand


no more stars
to con me


walks home alone
after school---
a kid cries


blue sky---
the Fettuccine Alfredo
tastes heavenly


cold November sunset---
the yellowness
of death


dark clouds
in the horizon


every one stares---
a woman
in fur coat


November drizzle---
a leaf sticks
to my heel


thousands of years passed---
finally King Tut
smiles at me


early morning---
can't find
where I put my eyeglasses

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Tabasco* under water---
sun sauce up your rays
to dry faster

*Mexican state flooded by rain


blue sky---
a man lifts up his head
and whistles


early November---
everyone walks
with hands inside their pockets


morning stillness---
a fly has survived


sunset viewing
through a glass window---
she's in the Bahamas


blue morning sky---
the Angora cat
sleeps under my bed


Madison Square Park---
cold wind makes it
harder to day dream


morning rush---
there is
an empty seat


at the Halloween Parade---
she says her name
is George


with all these rag dolls
for Halloween---
I miss my mummy


blue sky---
no more whistling
of sad tunes


close to Halloween---
a sign says
we have black roses


blue sky---
a column of smoke
too embarrassed to go up


he answers the door
face covered with shaving cream---
day moon