Friday, February 19, 2010


evening rush---
a little girl cries
as her father yells


clouds moving in---
I pass a Japanese
that has a cold


a fat lady makes me
forget Mardi Gras


blue sky---
the teacher writes a haiku
on the blackboard


morning snow---
she wears
geisha make up


the Winter Olympics
on tv---cat food


the cat starts
to have an attitude---
the year of the tiger


Winter chill---
I receive a valentine
from a witch


Valentine's Day---
a long line outside
a cupcake shop


black bird on a heap
of soiled snow---
lovers wear red


last Blizzard remnants---
send them
to Vancouver


a beer truck
has a flat tire


the day after---
pigeons take a bath
in melted blizzard snow


blue sky---
yesterday's blizzard snow
covers the rest


New York City blizzard---
ads for Florida living
on tv


the bars are crowded
but the subway is empty


still moving


East River nice day---
the captain coughs


walking in cold air
makes her blush


morning rush---
the rustle of newspapers
a Winter Monday

Monday, February 08, 2010


the Superbowl---
the Saints do
a miracle


Superbowl Sunday---
no smell
of cooking


blue sky---
a football goes out of bounds


Saturday night---
I meet her on Starbucks
bathroom line


morning fog---
the subway is full
of steaming spirits


the brass---
don't ask don't tell
is now non of your business


snow storm on the way---
I go rent
gone with the wind


Toyota's troubles---
too much
soft talk


blue sky---
a winter tree
is also stark naked


morning snow---
I tell my barber do something
about my gray hairs


Haiti hunger---
rice is now
the dough


East River stillness---
seagulls soar


Wall Street---
no one looks
like a crook


January ends---
Mardi Gras


fifty years ago---
four blacks sit at a counter
and order


Australian Open---
future will carry
Murray on its wings


a line to buy bagels---
Sunday morning
full moon


Saturday night---
I like to know what
she wears under her fur coat


Japan's deflation---
beef bowls are cheap
but wages are even cheaper