Friday, January 29, 2010


as I pass her boyfriend's house---
a full moon
Winter's chill


J.D.Salinger dies---
now he can escape
from trying to escape


full moon at sunset---
as if this town
needs another show off


Obama's State of the Union---
he lays it
in black and white


blue sky---
a ghost
unable to hide


Haiti's children---
but where is


New York Winter---
the chatter of homeless men
talking to themselves


Haiti hunger---
she puts salt in the water
to stay alive


life expectancy
for New Yorkers goes up---
must be the no smoking


morning fog---
my nemesis neighbor
greets me


morning fog---
the East River
flows backward


Saturday night---
a man and a woman
discuss same sex marriage


blue sky---
a carriage horse
keeps raising its head


as the train passes
graffiti murals---
sunset paints the sky red


his mother wants him
to tell the truth---
a pelican stands by


half moon at dusk---
the pizza man ate
the other half


I turn off my cell---
crescent moon
over the skyline


Ted Kennedy seat vote---
it looks like another
Boston tea party


the Australian Open---
got it made


Martin Luther King Day---
Obama is busy
at work

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Haiti Earth quake---
the poor man
and the rich man cry for help


East River idyllic day---
so far away
from Haiti


Times Square---
the man in the tickets booth
is from Haiti


Haiti continues
counting the dead


if you live in China
you can't read this---
right on Google


stop trying
not to look


blue sky---
a flood of tears
over Haiti


many die in Haiti
why is it always the poor


East River calm waters---
the benches are empty


a carriage horse
looks bored


Central Park Serpentine---
snow covers frozen waters
don't fall


New York January---
no noise but that
of who talk to themselves


Winter subway ride---
ad for a Caribbean
school of English


Italy abuse of
migrant farm workers---
the pope speaks out


the sun is bright
but the air is cold---
his mother-in-law shows up


it's been so cold---
I miss the East River
in Summer time


blue sky---
a cat hides
under a car


I eat dried blueberries
she touches her callouses


is Avatar the virtual
remake of Tarzan


January warms up a pinch---
I take off
one sweater


nine homeless men
freeze to death


Epiphany Day---
I remember I'm broke
as I pass a church


blue sky---
a homeless man dances
while wearing a garbage bag


an old woman asks
for directions to a bar---


advise for the CIA---


blue sky---
a V of birds fly south
ice on my window


the holidays are over---
is Obama
coming back


he can't get enough
of her---
full moon at sunrise


the new year---
a homeless man
has a new sign


first Saturday night of the year---
I ask her to go


a tourist wears
a necklace of pearls---
January fresh snow

Friday, January 01, 2010


New Year's Day---
a school kid is happy
tomorrow is Saturday


New Year's Eve snow flurries---
I read how to make
a white Russian


the barmaid gives last call---
bottoms go up
December full moon


bitter cold night---
I pass a cat
that's sauntering


windy day---
a street clown
keeps falling down


Iran rulers---
the more blood they spell
the more they crumble


another shoe bomber---
do we need now
to take off also our socks


blue sky---
wading through yesterday's
rain puddles


December dark clouds---
an ad for free
rug cleaning


Day after Christmas---
continuous rain washes away
the snow dirt


morning fog---
a smoke column tries
to sneak by


Christmas Day---
strangers at a bus stop talk
New York


New York Christmas Day---
a Starbucks is open
and full of regulars


Christmas Eve---
long lines at the pastry shops
I buy seltzer water


Christmas Eve---
soiled snow at the entrance
of a church


Christmas nears---
the crowd at Times Square
moves faster


blue sky---
a kid throws
snow balls upward


late December gift giving---
an ad for erection


bright December day---
snow on the ground
don't forget your sunglasses


December blizzard---
I can see no black
from my windows


Saturday night---
the snow on the Christmas tree
is real


first snow storm nears---
I clean
the windows


Times Square night cold wind---
a woman wears
thigh high boots


blue sky---
she wears
a fur coat


New York Christmas tree---
where will it go
after new year day