Wednesday, January 02, 2013


cold Winter morning---
it feels like we're sliding back
into the ice age


a Santa Claus goes skiing
on vacation


New Year's Day---
so many people
are doing laundry


New Year's Day---
get rid of your hangover
by eating something green


New Year's Day overcast morning -
celebrants of last night
still sleeping


East River Winter---
the swimming pool is empty
but don't walk on it


it's for the birds---
spilled French fries on a sidewalk
but there're none here


playing poker New Year's Eve---
a man loses
his marbles


last day of the year sunrise---
just ignore
that full moon


the vituperative attitude
of gridiron players
when they talk


a cold windy day sunset---
skyline chimneys spew
dark blue smoke


New York subway---
woman pushes a man
into the tracks to kill him


add color---
I'd rather draw with crayons
than pencils


as women gain more rights---
India boils in anger
over a rape


spent all Saturday night
full moon in the western sky


rainy in New York---
but New Year's Eve
will be dry


a stormy day low clouds---
the skyline lost
its pose


snow flakes shower---
it melts as soon as
it hits the ground


blue tiger---
takes lots of meat to feed it
I'd rather have a blue cat


late December morning---
a snow storm is
on the way


year end sunset---
but who wants
the next one unlucky number


so what it's cold-Winter blue sky


late December sunrise---
don't count on our nearest star
to warm you up


morning fog and rain---
a platinum blond
stays in bed


the haiku by Basho---
about what jumps
into ponds


overcast at sunrise---
a night light
stays on


December snow showers---
I miss July


day after Christmas---
church bells play


to write a haiku about coffee---
I first made for myself
a cup


December sunrise---
spilled water turns into ice


joining the skyline
Christmas lights displays---
full moon


Christmas Day sunset
not visible due to clouds---
better luck next year


in the company of the homeless---
nuns serve
Christmas dinner


Christmas Day morning rain---
good for the


Christmas Eve mix
of rain and snow---
Santa will need some eggnog


East River Christmas Eve
calm waters and blue sky---
happy demeanors


Christmas Eve---
a Santa has no more kids
to sit on his lap


at least once a day---
hug your


Christmas Eve sunrise---
I water my


East River Autumn Sunday---
a day moon has no admirers
but me


crying out loud---
a man says today
is the end of the world


Sunday dawn---
a priest takes
a walk


December cloudy sky---
shoppers crowd whatever
good deal


wrapped up and paid for
an engagement ring
from Tiffany 


Saturday morning stillness---
the whistle
of a teakettle


must be the Christmas spirit---
Putin wants
democracy in Syria


December night---
Empire State Building lit
in green and red


at Starbucks---
the closer to Christmas
the less their customers


Winter Solstice---I use a sunlamp to make the nights shorter


fog at dawn---
a bakery has
powdered donuts


Mexican restaurant---
Corona beer comes
with three wedges of lime


New York Christmas tree
dots of light---
further up the stars


half moon at sunset---
going out on
a borrowed light


as I look for my grey cap---
a day moon in a blue sky
Christmas cheer


at an art gallery---
not all the paintings
get framed 


I wait for a haiku
to dawn on me


at sunset crescent moon appears
then faints away---
too much pollution


December nice day
a chorus sings Christmas carols
at lunch hour


it's against the law---
delivery men ride
their scooters on sidewalks


skyline Winter fog---
a driver asks me
which way is Manhattan


December predawn---
there're plenty of people
in the New York subway


skyline evening fog---
there is nothing
to see


an airplane flies over
a forest fire to extinguish it


December morning fog---
you can still find Santa
because he wears red


one more reason
why I love New York---
gun control


a nor'easter---
food delivery persons
keep you dry


afternoon fog---
if you can't stand the steam
in the kitchen get out


New York City---
I have to rush
no more time


Winter Sunday dawn---
a nude woman enters
an outdoors jacuzzi


the grateful dead---
will be dead when
all their following is dead


Saturday night---
a woman's jeans slide down
crescent moon


Beethoven's birthday---
Rubinstein plays
the Emperor Concerto


without our sun solace---
depression would kill
all of us


cold at dawn---
a woman wears a down coat
birds fly by


school shootings---
let 'em all go through
metal detectors


December sunset redness---
kids blood spilled
in Connecticut


December blue sky---
a  snow skier falls
on his butt


accountants Christmas party---
no one is thinking
of the bottom line


Winter predawn---
I take a last look
at the stars


festival of lights---
a candelabrum stands
next to a Christmas tree


December sunrise---
a redhead
wears green


East River Winter---
I touch the bank iron rail
cold as ice


the concert to support
hurricane Sandy victims


my Maxillary Central Incisors---
lost them
many years ago


December dawn---
a dog guarding Christmas trees
is leashed


chicken wings and beer---


Christmas Vacation---
downhill skiing
the Alps


drizzle at dawn---
a mother breast feeds
her baby


rainy day---
an outdoors cafe has
its furniture against the wall


a twin---
each buys the other
the same Christmas present


more morning fog---
a cyclist wears
an orange vest


I'd rather eat shark meat
than have a shark eat me


cloudy Sunday morning---
the sun plays
hide and seek


Saturday night coupulation---
dimmer the light
quicker it ends


a gourmet beer bar---
no cursing


mirror,mirror on the wall---
whose image is the fairest
of them all


fog at dawn---
a man goes back
to sleep


December rainy day---
I stay home
and count my blessings


out in an urban jungle---
a cat returns home
at dawn


December dawn---
a paperboy whistles
"Jingle Bells"


Autumn nice day---
she flashes
her turquoise ring


moonless night---I buy lilacs for Lila


blue sky sunrise---
all the stars of last night
were rehearsals


seafood restaurant---
I have swordfish
sharp to the last bite


December blue sky---
a bald man forgets his
grey cap


December dawn---
a passing shower wets
the early birds


skyline evening fog---
a man goes to buy
his darling roses


after the rain blue sky---
a shopper asks
where's my discount


white poodle out for a walk
wears a green vest


December morning
rain shower---
as I go to shower


a Florida Winter---
I love dragonflies
but fear dragon ladies


skyline morning haze--
a man yawns
December day moon


the Amazon jungle---
people now find their way
using Google


with all that fog, smoke,
and dark clouds---
how can this be a Sunday


December dense fog---
the dogs of a junk yard
keep barking


overcast day---
a florist has


seagulls pick
at spilled garbage