Thursday, December 17, 2009


he looks at coins
to give a homeless man---
moonless night


Beethoven's birthday---
my neighbor complains
the music is deafening


Christmas cheer---
a man tries to pick up
the woman next to me


Union Square Christmas bazaar---
a man gives away
Coke in the new can


a bank Christmas party---
more cheer
than last year


holidays flea markets---
so many dumped
past Christmas presents


blue sky---
all the way
to infinity


bitter cold---
I go wear another
pair of socks


Obama takes a break
from two wars---
to accept the Noble Peace Prize


blue sky---
porn pictures laid
on the sidewalk


the smell of marinara sauce

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


morning fog---
she pretends
not to see me


Christmas rush---
no bulging shopping bags
the Great Recession


sunny day---
winter weeds where June
darlings dallied


cold night---
a Santa Claus forgets
his lines


Pearl Harbor day---
two cops eat
suchi for lunch


East River gentle flow---
she runs her fingers
through my hair

first season's snow---
an old couple kiss
a white mustache


Christmas rush---
a street vendor sells
underarm deodorant


East River nice day---
leafless trees but the seagulls
don't seem to mind


blue sky---
the milkman
does not show up


holidays shopping---
a homeless lady
carries a Macy's bag


the Christmas lights are still on
and a full moon


Obama's speech
on Afghanistan---
no one is unhappy


Thursday, December 03, 2009


December First---
a starry


White House party crashers---
they have
nice smiles


overcast skies---
a florist has poinsettias
November ends


East River nice Fall day---
a speed boat stops
to view the swans


noise from a garbage truck
wakes me up---
setting harvest moon


Union Square Park---
so many men alone
Thanksgiving break


blue sky---
dead leaves fly into my face


locked out of the house---
a cat sits in the window
from the outside


Black Friday---
aspirin is
on sale


Thanksgiving dinner---
I don't want
the drumstick


a mourning dove sings
on the fire escape---
Thanksgiving Day


a homeless man
has nothing to say


morning fog---
a dog leads
a blind man


East River warm day---
the chef goes outside
for a smoke


November gray clouds---
a grandma shops
for a turkey


evening stillness---
a kissing couple need
more time


cold morning---
girls wearing skirts
walk to school


November cheer---
I receive a gift
of cranberry jelly


blue sky---
my upstairs neighbor
vacuums her rug


Saturday night---
a long line outside
a bakery of cupcakes


November sunrise---
a turkey is
having breakfast


the cat watches me
eating sardines---
finally I relent


blue sky---
but not even a drop
of honey


evening fog---
a cat does not
try to hide


cloudy day---
a fish store decorates
for Thanksgiving


passing me by---
she smiles then frowns
then laughs


bright day---
red corn poppy seeds on sale
Thanksgiving nears