Sunday, September 24, 2006


in a Turkish restaurant
the belly dancer
has a Greek  tattoo


Autumn equinox---
a swan glides in a pond
with the wings raised


a neighbor
ends her fast


Autumn morning clouds---
I go out to buy
more cinnamon


after Autumn rain---
the sun shines
on his face wrinkles


overcast morning---
I can't find
my blue suede shoes


''Hamlet'' brand
little cigars---
''Smoking kills''


a ballet dancer
picks up a rose
off the stage---thorns point


rush hour---
a contrail crosses
over stalled traffic


a cat looks
at a picture of a bird


Autumn wind
smells of apple pie


morning stillness---
a cat
is hungry


Hyde Park---
the ducks
are very polite


overcast day---
a city full of red buses
and black taxi cabs

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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Autumn clouds---
green leaves


Sunday morning---
my favorite bench
has spelled coffee


sitting in a bookstore---
she tells me
the story of her life


gloomy day---
I order another
half of grapefruit

cold wind blows off
my hat---
and a good fantasy
morning stillness---
bamboo shoots growing
in a water bowl
looks the wrong way
before crossing the street---
a Yankee dog in London
dark clouds---
I sneeze every time
the cat passes by
Autumn light drizzle---
I am glad
I forgot my umbrella
in a miniskirt
she waits for a train----
'mind the gap' sign

on the way to
the airport---
I pass a pet turtle farm


a September fly
keeps flying
into my face


after all the violence
in the news---
Monday football


nine eleven---
a five year old kid
celebrates his birthday

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


a tennis ball
lands on the white line


Sharapova wins New York---
a tennis court
became her ballet stage


health food restaurant---
an old man
wants salt in his soup


the neighborhood witch
closes her blinds


the skyline on a cool
Autumn night---
and crisp Chardonnay


Union Square Park---
the dogs look happier
than the humans


orange blue full moon
in the horizon---
what lunacy!


after Labor Day
in the subway---
the clothes colors darken


city night stresses
his after five shadow---
full moon


mantis mating season---
I hope she
does not get ideas


first day of school---
all backpacks
are bulging


his first day of school
for the first time---
he forgets his name


abandoned sandals
on the green---
last day of Summer


Labor Day---
a police dog has to work
in the subway

Sunday, September 03, 2006


many fallen leaves
in last night storm---
they are still green


the lake is
full of swans
and she goes swimming


dreary day---
I watch on tv
old hurricane movies


after a hurricane---
not much in the news
till the next one


two old ladies
on a bus gossip---once home
I close my curtains


Bush gives a speech on Iraq---
the smell of sulfur
from lighting a match


suddenly the sound
of a fire alarm


seeing Fer-de-Lance---
you'll run faster
than Lance on a bicycle


beyond smoke stacks
and rain clouds---
a day moon


a sparrow snatched bread
from another
and flew to my porch


dreary day---
a fly keeps falling
down the window glass


happy hour---
the bar maid
keeps breaking glasses


dark street---
a stranger smiles
at me


late Summer---
I show off my karate
blows using peaches


a city dweller dreams---
a jungle
with eight million parrots