Sunday, December 31, 2006


last day
of the year---
it is too sunny


New Year's party---
the moon is watching
all this foolishness


after the clouds cleared---
a gliding seagull
blocks the sun


early morning---
too many
mocking birds


no more cheap wine---
last sunset


a cat climbing
a street tree stops---
noisy night


Herald Square
holidays lights---pigeons
among the viewers


lonely night
I cook huevos rancheros---
a half moon


cold and windy day---
the sun shows
no remorse


end of the year
emptiness---it's cooler
in the Bahamas


on the way
to see a movie---
I pass a couple fighting


rainy morning---
I have no more change
for the parking meter


the sound of Muslim
call for prayers---
Christmas day


I eat another
raw turnip---

Sunday, December 24, 2006


he cuts me off
on Christmas Eve---
crescent moon


stardust on
leafless branches---
Madison Square Park


or no anchovies---
no anchovies!


praise goes
to his head---
an inflatable snowman


late December---
an inflatable Santa
goes south


end of the year---
a stocks broker
gives his bonus to the poor


first day of winter---
a deer eludes
its hunters


winter solstice---
I'll just wait
till Christmas Eve


bright day---
my ski sweater
gets lots of attention


before Christmas---
the overweight dolls
are on sale


slices of pepper
of all colors---
December sunset


morning rush---
a sparrow stays
on the sidewalk edge


she wears her red high heels---
I order champagne
by the glass


under the Christmas wreath
a note---
rain drops melt the ink

Monday, December 18, 2006


the office
Christmas party---
too much work


morning stillness---
a Great Grey Owl
sees me


mid December---
a want ad
for a chimney sweeper


beautiful winter dawn---
I ran out of
Jasmine tea


today marks six decades
that I follow my shadow---
where ever


Beethoven's birthday---
my neighbor plays
that deafening music again


overcast morning---
not enough sugar
in the rice pudding


Christmas lights
on bare trees---
I buy her more jewelry


morning commute---
the silence
of end of the year stress


all in red
and nothing is green---
December sunset


morning haze---
I keep recounting
how many Santas


got a penny?---
at a fountain
just before Christmas


a turtle hides---
full moon


lunch hour---
a kid asks me
where's Santa


m&m's sprinkled
all over the dark---
Christmas lights

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Sunday night---
she's still doing
today's sudoku


my breath
fogs the window


cold Saturday night---
the barmaid puts sake
in my green tea


morning stillness---
an icicle
starts to melt


as I ring my
doctor's doorbell---
a tree with no leaves on


morning rush
no one looks up---
the December coldness


melon in New York
is always in season---
Winter sunset


December day---
a woman in red
jumps the ATM line


early morning---
a biplane flies over
gliding seagulls


holidays shopping---
size of the tree
does matter


baldness becomes him---
full moon
from under a winter tree


first frost---
too much noise in the park
I put my hands on my ears


a chorus line
with pink cheeks kick high---
December sunset


morning stillness---
a kitten

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I bought a talking Santa
made in China---
Hu Hu Hu


early morning---
last night stardust
is on the lilacs


strange faces are out
this saturday night---
the moon


the storm passed---and
warnings of tornadoes
that were hot air


rainy Friday night---
I stop at a bar
to dry out


who is this
masked man?---
the moon


Union Square---
a herd of pigeons
chase away a human


a parrot sounds
a bit arrogant


the year close to its end---
a bonsai behind
trees on sale


overcast morning---
starting with
a blank slate


all the wires
are unplugged---
winter trees


morning rush---
the dozing lady has
a new red shopping bag


the Christmas lights
are not working---


the harvest is over
I hang the sickle---
crescent moon

Sunday, November 26, 2006


outside Bloomingdales
a tart in red---
Jingle Bell


morning stillness---
a towel covers
the parrot cage


the trees are bare---
a squirrel
climbs up my shoulder


viewing holidays
sun rays on my pen


a woman stole
our designated driver---


Black Friday---
so many turkeys
at the sales


rainy Thanksgiving Day---
a Bostonian
walks his Irish Setter


a dog patiently
waits for his plate---
Thanksgiving Day


a bartender
needs more olives---
the bridge lights turn on


brisk morning---
Mickey Mouse
floats by


a hare sinks further
in a bed of leaves---
late Autumn sunset


grey morning---
I check out a new
tanning salon


strings of lights
on bare trees---
and buy this!


Fifth Avenue station---
the sound of hoofs
on the pavement

Sunday, November 19, 2006


in a Jacuzzi
a ticklish man
keeps yelling stop


mid November---
a seashell
in the back of a drawer


Saturday night traffic---
a cyclist
rings his bell


a middle-aged man
blow-dries his hair---
late Autumn trees


Autumn sunset---
a birthday balloon


I will invite
a turkey to dinner


morning rush---
a blonde
with no lipstick


dark night---
a cat stretches
before going out


morning haze---
a street artist
paints the skyline


drizzly night---
I pick the anchovies
from my side of the pizza


the glass of a tower
facing east


a haggard old man
smokes a cigar---
late Autumn leaves


morning rush---
abandoned old shoes
at the last stop


morning stillness---
a deaf man listens
to the song of a bird


broken glass---
a prima donna
goes back to work

Sunday, November 12, 2006


the football game ends---
heavy rain makes
the loss heavier


morning haze---
so many sparrows
where the leaves used to be


on a bed of sapped leaves
a beauty sunbathes---
global warming


Veterans Day---
the children of Vietnam
are now of Iraq


a new grocer opens---
the flies still go
to the old one


end of the line---
a blind violinist
counts his change


warm day---
a green leaf in the midst
of yellow ones


he is tall and skinny
the other short and chubby---
so are their sticks


Autumn storm---
multicolored leaves
carpet a church driveway


the day after---
no one cast a vote
for Superman


coffee, cigarettes, beer---
and Windex to clean
after all that poison


perched on a tree
still can't see the forest
from the trees---full moon


cold wind at sunset---
I drink the last
drop of Chablis


pudgy seagulls
perched on the shore rocks---
Manhattan skyline

Sunday, November 05, 2006


On the road---
I pass a tree house
while riding in a mobile home


harvest moon sets---
a baker goes
to work


Saturday night---
moon light shines
on an empty bar


he vacuums the lawn
from the dead leaves
who vacuumed Summer air


full moon behind clouds---
she slips out
of her white satin gown


morning rush---
a subway rat
walks to work


I take a bite
off a little green apple---
the moon


sunny day---
shoveling dead leaves,
for more callouses


lanterns in the park
an ocean of yellow leaves


warm Autumn day---
Central Park Zoo
full of human smell


Halloween party---
a scarecrow
did not need make-up


Autumn sunrise---
a witch


hot sun
and cold wind---
a goblin torture


early morning---
sun rays strike
a little girl witch's hat

Sunday, October 29, 2006


dark Autumn night---
a sorcerer's apprentice


October last Sunday---
lost an hour
resetting an old clock


cold Saturday night---
the semetery ghosts
brown-bag it


pouring rain---
the landlord
turns on the heat higher


she wears a purple blouse
at sunset---
I order espresso


a fawn with a back
full of little nothings


a night owl
finally meets a real one---
full moon


morning cotton clouds---
the washer
stopped foaming


Autumn night---
a homeless man
has a pumpkin


cold morning---
nothing left
of last night apple pie


evening rush---
only the wind
is brisk


my morning train
delayed---a seagull
flies above the tracks


the smell of roasting
October sunset


a ditch digger
finds a brass doorknob

Sunday, October 22, 2006


overcast day---
I look at old pictures
in black and white


Sunday morning---
I look
for a Wal-Mart


a homeless man
wears a new garbage bag


morning stillness---
a dead leaf
shines in the sunlight


strong Autumn wind---
fallen leaves are back
at branch level


a cat sitting out
at sunset---
gray with yellow streaks


a swallow steals food
from two pigeons---
Autumn haze


Autumn morning---
neighborhood graffiti
has changed colors


Indian Summer---
some branches
are already naked


slow morning---
one more pigeon
joins the rest


rainy night---
the silence
outside the bodega


plaza fountain---
light paints petals
made of bubbles


October in the woods---
I look for ghosts
and witches for a party


blue sky---
a crow lands
in a ditch

Sunday, October 15, 2006


knock on the door---
she straightens the kinks
in her black dress


in a Japanese diner
a fly prefers


wind howls
on the boardwalk---
cold feet at sunset


Yunus economics---
how crumbs become wheat fields
won a Noble


green leaves dangle
in my face---I bow
yellow ones all over


standing before an ant
a man asks:
who am I


rush hour---
she forgot to wear
the other ear earing


a spider
built its web
above a mouse trap


morning stillness---
a vaccum tube
sucking fallen leaves


rainy afternoon---
the Yankees suffer
one more nose dive


brown cockroach
walks on a brown leaf---
I wear my leather jacket


art work in the park---
tree shadow
on the back of a canvas


morning headline:
"Another 60
Bodies Found---"


I see her at a fruit stand---
the sweet smell
of Fall apples


Columbus Day---
I shake the hand
of a Mohawk from Buffalo

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Autumn sunset---
a leaf falls
into the gutter


look east you see the sun,
west the moon---
what more do you want?


Autumn night---
a piece of bark
becomes a moth in my hand


I search a dark closet
for my red fleece sweatshirt


all the blue
tortilla chips are gone---
full moon


the violinist
in the train station
wants "no pennies"


Union Square anti-
war march---tired old
hippies and their kids


early morning---
an empty beer can
in an empty subway car


leaves start to fade---
I take my base ball
jacket to the cleaner


rush hour---a couple
stay standing by leaning
one against the other


Madison Square Park---
all the dogs
had their Autumn hair cut


hot day in Autumn---
a mosquito
gets one last wish


a turtle keeps peeking
out of its shell---
waxing gibbous


cool morning---
a fly shows
no interest in flying

Sunday, October 01, 2006


star gazing with
my back against a
broken street light


Sunday morning fog---
I got the hiccups
for no reason


Saturday college game---
too much kicking
for football


an ant inside
my slipper
survives a brisk night


a yellow half moon
green with envy


dark clouds
pour Autumn rain---
I comb my gray hair


Shea Stadium---
looks bigger
from an airplane


early morning---
waiting for the
alarm clock to ring


packing to go
back home---
I hear ''The Ode to Joy''


cloudy sky---
I get one more rice
pudding cup from the fridge


a fat duck
awash by green ---
Knightsbridge exit of Hyde Park


morning sunshine---
a pheasant
stays among tall grass


crowded bus---a man
whispers to another:
go to hell


clear day---
a duck keeps diving
into its water image

Sunday, September 24, 2006


in a Turkish restaurant
the belly dancer
has a Greek  tattoo


Autumn equinox---
a swan glides in a pond
with the wings raised


a neighbor
ends her fast


Autumn morning clouds---
I go out to buy
more cinnamon


after Autumn rain---
the sun shines
on his face wrinkles


overcast morning---
I can't find
my blue suede shoes


''Hamlet'' brand
little cigars---
''Smoking kills''


a ballet dancer
picks up a rose
off the stage---thorns point


rush hour---
a contrail crosses
over stalled traffic


a cat looks
at a picture of a bird


Autumn wind
smells of apple pie


morning stillness---
a cat
is hungry


Hyde Park---
the ducks
are very polite


overcast day---
a city full of red buses
and black taxi cabs

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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Autumn clouds---
green leaves


Sunday morning---
my favorite bench
has spelled coffee


sitting in a bookstore---
she tells me
the story of her life


gloomy day---
I order another
half of grapefruit

cold wind blows off
my hat---
and a good fantasy
morning stillness---
bamboo shoots growing
in a water bowl
looks the wrong way
before crossing the street---
a Yankee dog in London
dark clouds---
I sneeze every time
the cat passes by
Autumn light drizzle---
I am glad
I forgot my umbrella
in a miniskirt
she waits for a train----
'mind the gap' sign

on the way to
the airport---
I pass a pet turtle farm


a September fly
keeps flying
into my face


after all the violence
in the news---
Monday football


nine eleven---
a five year old kid
celebrates his birthday

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


a tennis ball
lands on the white line


Sharapova wins New York---
a tennis court
became her ballet stage


health food restaurant---
an old man
wants salt in his soup


the neighborhood witch
closes her blinds


the skyline on a cool
Autumn night---
and crisp Chardonnay


Union Square Park---
the dogs look happier
than the humans


orange blue full moon
in the horizon---
what lunacy!


after Labor Day
in the subway---
the clothes colors darken


city night stresses
his after five shadow---
full moon


mantis mating season---
I hope she
does not get ideas


first day of school---
all backpacks
are bulging


his first day of school
for the first time---
he forgets his name


abandoned sandals
on the green---
last day of Summer


Labor Day---
a police dog has to work
in the subway

Sunday, September 03, 2006


many fallen leaves
in last night storm---
they are still green


the lake is
full of swans
and she goes swimming


dreary day---
I watch on tv
old hurricane movies


after a hurricane---
not much in the news
till the next one


two old ladies
on a bus gossip---once home
I close my curtains


Bush gives a speech on Iraq---
the smell of sulfur
from lighting a match


suddenly the sound
of a fire alarm


seeing Fer-de-Lance---
you'll run faster
than Lance on a bicycle


beyond smoke stacks
and rain clouds---
a day moon


a sparrow snatched bread
from another
and flew to my porch


dreary day---
a fly keeps falling
down the window glass


happy hour---
the bar maid
keeps breaking glasses


dark street---
a stranger smiles
at me


late Summer---
I show off my karate
blows using peaches


a city dweller dreams---
a jungle
with eight million parrots

Sunday, August 27, 2006


around a lamp
in the sunlight---
a butterfly circles


overcast day---
a homeless man
puts on sunglasses


last weekend in August---
a cat
walks home slowly


a fly
on my computer screen
is at an Issa link


long pearl necklace dangles
under her umbrella---
and big rain drops


he cuts the weeds
in his drive way---
his head always shaved


she unties the bun
of her red hair---
August sunset


end of August---
a snail
takes it easy


his mother-in-law---
walks around the house
in her bikini


a squirrel
goes down the fire escape


bright day---
I look at the sky
searching for a haiku


a pigeon picks
at corn seeds---
my tooth ache returns


early morning---
a mocking bird
hovers over a crow


August midnight---
a city owl
goes home

Sunday, August 20, 2006


boring day---I put
shredded chocolate
on the no fat vanilla


morning---sun light
running through
my jasmine tea


August Saturday night---
the only ones still
in town are the bores


overcast day---
she wears
her orange dress


watching turtles stare
at me from under water---
Central Park Boat House


mid August morning---
like a funeral
is the subway


fallen tree---
the parking lot at a
funeral home is full


morning stillness---
a blank sheet of paper
flew away


she blushes as
she kisses me goodbye


clear morning---
a giant gold bar
in the western skyline


barbecue chicken joint---
two fat women
serve it with no bras


hot night---
I remember how
a sick wild duck fell


broken lighthouse---
with a flashing
red light on its top


early morning---
I spread suntan lotion
on rusted joints

Sunday, August 13, 2006


kids playing in
a parking lot--- hide only
behind US made cars


spreading bean paste
on a warm tortilla


Sunday leisurely walk---
all the mosquitoes
stayed home


cool morning---
the green leaves swing in
tandem with her brown hair


Friday night---
I rush there before they
run out of fried fish sandwich


too much red pepper
in my salad


a crossword puzzle
has for clue:
"a brief poem"


early morning---
no one in the courtyard
but a worm


obstructed full moon---
the hood tilting
on the head of a monk


as I wait for a bus---
a blond in a red sports
car passes


I can smell the
beef carpaccio to here


cool summer wind---
I stroll
to the subway


Italian cafe---
the World Cup crowd
still boasting


on a park bench
a blue jay stops
to look at me

Sunday, August 06, 2006


August at
Union Square---
only the pigeons and bums


bookies are taking bets
as to when---
Cuba libre


he walks a dog
on a leash and a cat---
moonless night


early morning---
the opera singer
is on a roll


it looks smaller
now the heat wave is gone---


making iced coffee
in the morning---
the buzz of a fan


cool metal with
the volume up---
the heat


fourth day of a heat wave---
Romeo sleeps
under the balcony


heat wave---
I hang out
in ice cream parlors


blueberry strawberry raspberry
makes lesss your misery


she bends down
to pick up a small coin---
August full moon


an ant climbs the wall
of a four star
french restaurant


evening cool---
finally the neighbor's
bitch shuts up


empty seats
at rush hour

Sunday, July 30, 2006


heat wave---
a kleptomaniac
steals designer water


Sunday morning---a crow
on the roof
of a church


hot afternoon---
a Mint Julep
and J. S. Bach


end of July---
a dog has no one
to bark at


summer afternoon---
forgot to buy yogurt
to put on the berries


the marina is packed
with boats---
rainy day


two kids race
their bikes around the fountain---
I twirl my key chain


the sound of whispers
as the subway
suddenly stopped


sidewalk cafe---
her "a" cups as she
serves our espresso


truck stop---
I take one sip
and spit


rubber hose
lining the street---
want some licorice?


sweltering night---
I put ice cubes
in the miso soup


a spider web glistens
in the sunlight---
a sticky day


morning stillness---
I feel the presence
of a mosquito

Sunday, July 23, 2006


raspberry syrup over
one scoop mango ice cream


the neighbors gone
on vacation---
I get to sleep late


black cherries on sale---
can you lose
weight on black cherries?


calm wind---
I turn off the bulb
and light a candle


heavy thunder storms
cause a power outage


hot day---
a jogger waiting
for the bus


ripe grapes---
the vineyard's owner
is on vacation


rush hour---
she stops for
a cappuccino to go


a summer breeze
playing with my hair---
I let it


a thunder storm
lights up the sky---
I'm on the wrong street


a spider web
swings in the wind---
empty hammock


walking with
the umbrella open---
sunlight showers


just the two of us---
I at one end of the bar
she's at the other


morning rush hour---
the smell of sun screen
in the subway

Sunday, July 16, 2006


a horse fly
on the window glass---
please swat me


early morning---
nothing left
of last night gumbo


a ripe peach---
I stain my beige


I can't find
where she hid
the chocolate I bought her


Bastille Day---
the chef cuts
the heads of the catfish


on the subway---
man with long hair
next to a bald woman


on a crowded
a kite refuses to go up


overcast morning---
a fruit vendor
peels mango


a midsummer downpour---
she takes off
her long pearl necklace


heat wave---
a streetwalker
goes to the boardwalk


clicking glasses
with an old friend---
he made the whiskey


I cut a peach
into halves


I bought shirts on sale---
two for the price
of one sushi meal


the train is late---
a sparrow pacing
back and forth

Sunday, July 09, 2006


World Cup final---
Italy plays


salsa band
in the park---
she wears red high heels


summer day---
I can't find
something to do


I find money
in a drawer


eating all natural
peach jam---
the smell of her soap


no mirror
can tell you truly
what you are


lost mail---
I open a window
to let a butterfly out


Madison Square Park---
the fountain has pennies
but no water


rainy morning---
my shower
is not working


tour de france---
how do they go
to the bathroom?


after a long weekend---
many dozing
on the subway


independence day---
someone dropped
a tea bag in the pool


soaring bald eagles---
all about a chance
to fulfill a dream


July sunset---
waiting for the fireworks
to really paint this sky red


early July---
a kid wants money
to buy fire crackers


storms throw me
off my horse down a river---
I get picked up by a nymph

Sunday, July 02, 2006


hot day---
I wouldn't be here
if I were a penguin


sunday morning---
the designated driver
returns home


scratching off candle wax
with a penny---
a half moon


morning stillness---
a dragon broke
into pieces


western swing
night in the park---
the fireflies stay cool


eating brown
rice sushi---
sand inside my sandals

#hate/love tanka

one digs deeper
because of hate
the other digs deeper
because of love---
at the end they meet each other


rain showers in spots---
one spot
was my head


outdoors wedding
reception---a fly
pursuing the bride


offering her green grapes---
she makes
a sour expression


live swing music
in the park---a turtle
goes home


one more foggy night
haiku---this time to say
I miss you moon


a fly looking
for an open window
to get out of my house


world cup game---
the crickets are cheering
the wrong team


at the entrance
of the subway---
a lost shoe

Sunday, June 25, 2006


beach rainy day---
can't remember who said
life is a beach


sunday morning---
a priest asks me
for directions


in an old box---
I found "Paradise Lost"


walking fast---
my eyeglasses
covered with rain drops

#doctor tanka

they yelled is there
a doctor in the house?---
as a kid I had a toy
doctor bag to induce me
to grow up to be one


slapping and bubbling---
the two parts of a mermaid
are estranged


foggy morning---
the two parts of a mermaid
are estranged


long day in the park---
a mosquito
comes back to bite


union square station---
the less clothes people wear
the hotter it gets


an older girl
on the swing---
the others giggle


the world cup game
is still scoreless---
summer solstice

#summer solstice

summer solstice---
too short a night
to remember her name


breezy day---
a butterfly
and I collide

#squeak tanka

the laundry rope
across an ally squeaks---
while the woman
pulling on it squeaks
about the landlord


early morning---
a bird hasn't sung
any thing new for hours


lying on his surf board---
near a toy
black sailboat


first summer moon---
light in my heart
clouds in my eyes


the orange volley ball
served into the sea

Sunday, June 18, 2006


fathers day---
he would have asked me
why haiku


clean streets,
shiny cars---
and no pedestrians


long summer walk---
she massages
her calluses with a pine cone


early morning---
last night disagreement


there is more foam
to my beer than the surf


morning sky---
the pigeons
are hungry


a little girl dances
in the park---
partner is imaginary


Summer time
in Union Square---
Oh! Calcutta


sunlight strikes
the wine decanter---
the frizzles of her red hair


the third time
the guest wants a fresh towel---
the waiter drops the towel


rush hour---
sitting next to a woman
going to the beach


all park benches are taken---
she sits at
the other end of mine


hitting a ball
against a park wall---
the cracks of my past


she pours me jasmine
flavored tea


early morning---
a man yelling
at a barking dog

Sunday, June 11, 2006


cold night---
an ant creeps
under my foot


the party is over---
silently the leaves
dance to the wind


under my desk---
a spider builds
its own wires network


down town
after hours---
high heels echoing


a cricket
sounds lonely


the woman who
moved next door---
gets many late night callers


friday morning---
a school kid
yells: "I don't want to go"


hazy evening---
a distant light
has a tail


street soccer---
for the next world cup


chili dinner---
a heart-burn
cooked by a heart-throb


heavy rain---
an open umbrella
floats down the street


on the floor, the paper string
from a Hershey's kiss---
acting like a worm


a drunk raises
his bottle and winks---
a half moon


morning stillness---
she combs
her hair


dense fog---
a bat can't see
where he's going


behind me---an old lady
carrying an empty
bamboo cage

Sunday, June 04, 2006


the coffee
is almost done


overcast sky---
a smoke column
moves horizontally


overcast day,
drawn in chalk on a
playground wall---the sun


at a meeting---
some one with
the same ring tones as me


sudden downpours
both softball teams
go to the same bar


buying a metrocard
with a credit card
from a machine---thank you


in the subway
a Darwin look alike
stares at me


morning fog---
a white rabbit
takes it easy


sunset--- the clouds make
the end of a long summer day


the noise from the street
blocks the noise
of the neighbors


water shoots up
from fountains---
calla lilies bloom


hot day---
a smoke column
shaped like a dragon


the sun shines
while it rains---
I think of my ex


early morning---
watching fishermen
talk more than fish

Sunday, May 28, 2006


at a V
shaped by two branches---
a kid aims his sling


memorial day---
a four-year-old boy looks
at Iraq's map


beaches open---
the girls of last summer
are in bigger bikinis


the old lady
who feeds the pigeons
sends her daughter


in line to see
a Tom Hanks movie---
two nuns


at the station---
a soccer ball stands
at the end of the platform


late spring afternoon---
the sky is full
of cats and dogs


early morning---
the crow doesn't get
the song of the mocking bird


no one noticed
her antique ruby necklace


early morning
blue sky---
I wipe my eyeglasses


she's cooking peas
from her garden---
the dog wags his tail


a clear day---
the hum of a chopper
circling above


on the subway---
a woman next to me
has big hips


eating ripe strawberries
for breakfast---
gusty wind


the gypsy woman says:
when it's hot, it's hot
when it's not, it's not

Sunday, May 21, 2006


sunday afternoon
rain shower--- cleaned
my boots


late spring---
the daffodils


saturday sunset---
everyone getting
ready for the night time


morning stillness---
dew drops
on the fire escape


afternoon thunder storm---
she fluffs the curls
of her blond hair


for online dating---
what is your sex?


rainy morning---
a dripping faucet
woke me up


I put a seashell
to my ear---
it says stop polluting


beyond good and evil
is a jungle---
full of funny beasts


walking to school---
a contrail marks
a blank sky


eating the rest of the
cherry pie a la mode


early morning---
a happy ending
to last night rain storm


sidewalk cafe---
a pigeon waits
the server bring out food


morning haze---
I keep hearing
the buzz of a fly


clouds clearing
the sun comes out---
horses race in the sky


morning fog---
the tops of towers
are blanking out

Sunday, May 14, 2006


mothers day---
slow traffic
at the cemetery


overcast morning---
a cat stares
at a crow


dark clouds moving in---
kids blow at them
soap bubbles


someone knocking
on the door---
I can't find my eyeglasses


fog at dusk---
my gray hairs
pass unnoticed


walking fast---
my umbrella
has a hole in it


gloomy day---
I bought strawberries
and put on them yogurt


morning rush hour---
the conductor announces
the wrong station


the smell of peeled
at daybreak


overcast day---
I watch out
for worms on the sidewalk


moonless night---
a mosquito
keeps on trying


day laborers
waiting for the contractor


an old man gazing
at wilted lilacs


early morning---
a girl with heavy make-up
going home

Sunday, May 07, 2006


rushing home at sunset---
the smell of cooking
in the elevator


my neighbor's
flower garden---
her favorite color is purple


spring cleaning
my room---
I found a new spider


saturday morning
softball game---
a crow making catcalls


late spring---
a warm sun
brought out the tight t-shirts


the ants
are looking blacker


going home---she dozes
while reading the flyer
of a hypnotist


city sky line---
trying to tell
the clouds from the smoke


dark clouds at sunset---
hope they are gone
by moonrise


looking out
of the window---
wishing I were a falcon


picking the last


cloudy sky---
nothing left
of last night rice pudding


a kid next to me
having his hair cut
for the first time


may day---
the idea of paying all workers
is very recent


spring light rain---
I close
the umbrella

Sunday, April 30, 2006


in a cafe---
there are more people
studying than talking


sunday morning---
still hearing
the noise of last night party


stuck in traffic
in the lincoln tunnel


a cat in the window---
listens to a
mockingbird meow

#mosquitoes( after Issa)

two mosquitoes
keep arguing
over my pillow


chilly evening---
I can hear the rustle
of the new leaves


as I eat my breakfast---
a sparrow
waits for his


sitting on a fence
above welted
yellow tulips---a crow


morning stillness---
the roof is dripping
on the azaleas


the prices on the sign
of a gas station---
highway robbery


riding to work in a one
specie ecosystem


listening to jazz
in a tibetan tea house


early morning---
an ant waits
for me to pass


outside a store that
sells wedding dresses
a cherry tree
just gave birth
to many bright green leaves


the smell
of cooking beets

Monday, April 24, 2006


the fog making
the smoke look too pushy


morning fog---
to write about


cold and rain all day---
an iterant worker
managed to smile


cold morning---
newly sprouted leaves


nice spring day
I close the window---
the street is too noisy


early morning---
both of my neighbors
did not smile


union square---
blood red tulips
at the feet of lafayette


late spring
morning chill---
the cherry blossoms stay calm


a kid rides a black horse
covered with red roses
for fifty cents


waiting for the train---
a seagull hovers
over the tracks


a subway stop
with a view of
the skyline---a long wait


in a jacuzzi
she tells me
she's an opera singer


baring skin in the sun
is still harmless but---
who needs these bumps!


cloudless sky---
a smoke column
rises horizontally


a holiday weekend---
the silence of the street
makes me whisper

Sunday, April 16, 2006


morning walk---
I buy bread
wrapped around a boiled egg


a backgammon game
stopped by the sound
of clicks of high heels


dense fog---
the early morning charm
of blanks


Good Friday---
a steady drizzle
at sunset


beautiful spring day---
a woman next to me
eats a strawberry


this N train is going
to Queens---she announced
in a southern accent


holy week grey sky---
a sparrow
does not sing


someone left
the chocolate bunnies
out in the noon sun


sunset blocked by clouds---
I imagine
a favorite rerun


mid april---
a friend offers me
a chocolate egg


a fruits and veggies store---
their cat sits in front
of the cash register


monday morning---
the boss puts his feet
up on his desk


toy bunnies
in a neighborhood park---
driving the dogs crazy


riding the subway---
alone with a stranger
and her two cats


sunny sunday---
a cool spring breeze
tickles my feet


the red lights of a tower
stay on

Sunday, April 09, 2006


late night,
passing a football on the street---
the moon


morning stillness---
the mailman sitting
with his legs crossed


a black cat
trying to be friendly


early morning---
a grey pigeon
keeps flying back to my windowsill


seedless grapes---
the skin is very hard:
I spit


cold morning---
when will the trees
have leaves?


snow flake april showers---
the petals
of the cherry trees


early morning---
a column of smoke
posing with the clouds


cloudy night---
they are up on the roof
for just soulgazing


kids on
a schhool trip---
dragging their feet


spring rain---
my umbrella is
the only thing I see blooming


monday morning---
trying to save myself
from day light saving time


nice spring day---
the trees are still
with no leaves


spring cleaning---
the dust of winter
is heavier


dropping one more coin
in the slot machine---
crescent moon

Saturday, April 01, 2006


red shirt black shoes
big car--- busy streets
old friend good food happy face


early morning---
the old man downstairs
has a new parrot


friday night---
hanging out with her friends
she pretends not to see him


march madness---
the office manager
wants his money back


beautiful spring day---
a teacher keeps looking
out of the window


first warm spring day---
going to work
in sandals


traffic stopped
cars are honking---
a cherry blossom lined street


a beach fruit vendor
packing his goods---


sunny day---
searching for
cherry blossoms that bloomed


after school---
his mother teaches
him soccer


cold spring morning---
nothing has blossomed
but my goose bumps


a leisurely walk
through a slum


not a cloud any where---
the neighbor's daughter
blows her bubble gum


late night,
amongst the garbage bags
a cat thinks---which one?


sunday siesta---
under my window
a bum is humming


warm night---
turning off my house lights
to gaze at city lights


fruit flavored
frozen yogurt---limp
lilacs lie on the tables


the chess game dragging---
someone starts
planning a coup

Saturday, March 25, 2006


light entangled in
a tree---
dances to the wind


new teacher from Japan---
his English
is better than my yoga


the Chrysler Building lights
the sky


eating lunch out
on Wall Street---
the sparrows look well fed


moonless night
on the river walk---
silently he misses her


pleasant summer day---
cloud like the top
of a carousel


summer near its end---
I paint the roof


broken homes,
single neighbors have children---
just for the weekend


day moon---
I have no change
for the parking meter


reading room---
the silence of turned pages
punctuated by snores

[inspired by a haiku Bill Kenney posted in urban-ku yahoo group]


in the clouds,
my childhood gold fish

#it's a Union Square

long kisses---
they break
to look at the full moon


winter sunset
... an old man
digs a ditch


my shadow suddenly scares me---
full moon


predawn stillness---
a melon scented candle
burns out

#summer grass

summer grass
after the rain---
I walk bare foot


piercing bricks,
my neighbor's drumming

[inspired by a haiku of Basho: stillness: piercing the rocks, cicadas' voices]


stop asking me---
do it your way,


dog keeps barking,
I ring a bell for him---
he stops


wilted leaves
where samurai swords
used to pierce

#variation on Basho's haiku 44: "warriors" (1689)

Basho's haiku:

summer grasses grow thick where the warriors used to dream

My haiku:

wilted leaves
where samurai swords
used to pierce


thunder storms
herald cool air ---
I light up a cigar

#it's a Union Square

Union Square farmers' market---
a pregnant woman
sizes up melons


morning haze---
a ferris wheel
cracks the sky

#variation on Basho's haiku 43 (1689)

Basho's haiku:

one paddy planted, I walk away from the willow

My haiku:

one paddy planted---
I am off
to play cricket

#variation on Basho's haiku 42: "spring departs---" (1689)

Basho's haiku:

spring departs and in the eyes of fish tears

My haiku:

summer arrives
and in the eyes of fish
tears---for real


hot day---
with yellow sea turtles


The sparrows on asphalt---
almost invisible
at sunset


dry night---
a firefly tries
to enter my nose


early morning---
sun light shines
rusted iron


a red and yellow kite


short night---
a tramp had his fill
of empty beer cans


the soft look---
a manatee
had a lot of mall practice


the sparrows feast
on millet, the pigeons---
left over rice

#variation on Basho's haiku 41: "Sparrows" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

A good house: sparrows delight in millet behind the back door

My haiku:

the sparrows feast
on millet, the pigeons---
left over rice

#variation on Basho's haiku 40: "Octopus" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

Octopus traps -- fleeting dreams -- the summer moon

My haiku:

an octopus trapped,
I set it free---
back to my summer dreams

#variation on Basho's haiku 38: "Fishermen's Faces" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

Fishermens' faces were seen first, then the poppy flowers

My haiku:

fishermen's faces----
I stop eating
dried cod


the bridge lights come on---
someone cooking rice


a sail boat stops---
puffed red clouds


full moon---
the light house


morning tai chi---
a shadow
wants to fight


spider web on the window shelf


very hot night---
the dogs haven't barked
for hours

#Lance Armstrong

I finally got
a yellow band---
Lance Armstrong


the alarm clock
keeps ringing

#two women

two women
have coffee on a roof---
puffed red drawings


keeps squeaking---
pulling the rope
to hang from her window laundry


it swings as she bows---
her yellow roses


a dressed woman
comes out of the cake---
grandpa soon to rewed


skeptic bookie
takes bets---
sun will rise tomorrow


behind the skyline
a higher skyline of red clouds


subway ride---
a kid asks a cop
what's in his pocket

#deep sea

deep sea---nothing is left

#Variation on Basho's "Pea Crab"

Basho's haiku 34 (1687):

A pea crab crawls up my leg from the clear water.

My haiku:

a lobster clutching
my big toe---
I pee on it


on a London bus
sightseeing in New York---
some patrons were handcuffed

[Note: true story]


I arrived late,
saw the aftermath


painted trees on a store's window---
cactus plants
sit outside


passed me,
asked for a quarter---
and smiled


Saturday's night,
a traffic island park---
the women ain't shy


early morning---
a Ralph Lauren suit
walking a poodle


walking at night,
I came across a fine pumpkin---
full moon


a red cloud lingers
over the Empire State Building


hot weather sale,
two for the price of one---

#Google Moon

I tried Google Moon---
grey dust
all over my fingers


city summer nights---
an Eskimo dreams
of his hometown


weeds grew around
a fire hydrant---
hiding it completely


heat wave---
listening to the cricket
while sitting in Starbucks


today's date same as when the Spanish Civil War started*---

[*July 18, 1936]

#in line

standing in line to buy
mini muffins, I turned---
hers were in my face

#variation on Basho's Haiku 31

Matsuo Basho's Haiku 31 (1687) "Skylarks"

Through this long day, the skylarks have not sung enough

My haiku:

with so many crickets
who needs
the skylark


hot night---
the moon just came out
of the swimming pool


foggy morning---
my neighbors
forgot wearing clothes


Saturday night---
a church organist
listens to Metallica


an ant ascends
my leg


Friday night---
a gigolo complains
about his sex life

#July fifteen

July fifteen---
a day later,
the lights are red, white, and blue


late night---
a spider crawling
Internet Explorer

#it's a Union Square

Union Square's half moon---
still looking for
its other


lunch break---
a butcher makes himself
a sandwich


summer afternoon---
under cumulus clouds
flipping hamburgers


the pizza
just arrived


almost forgotten---
the wind now and then
whistles her name


high noon on a lawn---
me and a cute bird
eating lunch


bikini panties
glowing in the dark---
crescent moon


tango in the park---
her knee swings up
too far


firefly in the subway---
the batteries never
run out


clear sky---
till what's left of
the next hurricane arrives


a summer rainy day---
I took a nap,
then another


riding the subway---
fog and rain


London and New York
are sisters---
hand in hand they walk


going to a dance
in the park---
I carry my umbrella


pigeons eating
left over rice---
they like it


gray ocean---
I stay home and listen
to B.B.King


lost on the street---
the statue of a saint
faces the right way


watching the fireworks---
suddenly the sky
has a ceiling


independence day,
all men are created equal---
even them

#sunset July third, 2005

red, white, and blue stripes---
the stars later

#a variation on Basho's azaleas

Azaleas arranged, beside them a woman dries cod.
Matsuo Basho, haiku #23, 1685

late afternoon---
a farmer rests her feet
beside the azaleas


western swing in the park---
on a count of eight
the fireflies light up


a beetle, the gates
of windows, and you too
say love africa


above the el
a seagull passed


star gazing---
a little ant walks
inside a comet

[Note:On July 4th a NASA probe, Deep Impact will walk inside a comet, Temple
1, send pictures of it to Earth and then burn out.]

#it's a Union Square

the sun shines while it rains---
nothing stays undisputed
at Union Square


eating watermelon,
after the melon all gone---
moonless night


afternoon breakfast---
eggs sunny side up
are almost over


the heat!
last night I dreamed
I was in a blizzard


hot night---
a mouse trapped
by a cool breeze


nothing to do
but staring


quickly a squirrel
crossed the side walk---
I said: you're a rat


a kid keeps moving
chairs around---
but the music doesn't stop


a city playground---
from its cement sprouts
some wild weeds


sunset in the park---
a kid scores
a slam dunk


cleaned the oven---
now baked potatoes will
smell like pine trees


popping on roof tops---
the relay cells
of cell phones


early morning---
cursing the inventor
of car alarms


as nights get warmer
voices on the roof
get softer

#it's a Union Square

Union Square---
rats cross
to enter their subway


gray and pink lines upside down---
I spilled my tequila sunrise


early morning---
motors are mowing down
a dead tree


at a distance
a towering inferno


a crane next
to water lilies---
construction in the park

#Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center Plaza,
Artie Shaw band plays---
next the frogs at the pond

#Battery Park

Battery Park---
across the waters
stands a big lady


boring night---
the cricket keeps repeating


sparrows on the tree
soon it will be all dark


early morning---
stuck in traffic,
the sound of a fog horn

#fathers day

fathers day---
he stops to buy him
ice cream


trees run then stop---
looking out of a train
first time


a tree with dense leaves,
under it were spun
many summer dreams

#at the movies

summer afternoon
at the movies---
a rude awakening


two flowers
side by side---
I pick one, not the other


a cool breeze
caresses green leaves


thunderstorms over---
the Chrysler Building's
eagles glisten


life in the fifties
so sweet and simple---
a lost ant back in the fold


painted on the roof
across my window---
the ears of a red spaniel


kids buy ices
from a passing vendor


walking to the dentist,
in the hot sun---
my mouth feels real dry


walking at night
naked limps


lunch hour downtown---
the sound of crows
drowns all other sound


a day at the pond,
I feel content like
a lotus_eater

#it's a Union Square

hot Saturday night,
out late in the park---
Eve forgot her fig leaf


early morning
a pigeon cooing:
another hot day


I doze in the subway,
wake up at Coney Island


hot day---
two sparrows play
hide and seek under a car

#summer solstice

summer solstice---
I click glasses
with shadows

#ice cream store

new ice cream store,
at the door two bicycles
lie entangled


the leaves swing
to a cool breeze

#your side

how about you tell me
your side of the story


dusk on my porch---
I can still see
the dafodils

#on high

keep it on "high cool"---
for a moment I thought
we're in July, not June


hot and humid Sunday,
I go to a bar to cool down---
no ice


at eight thirty
it's sixty degrees---
and sunny


neighbors having
a backyard party---
I could overhear the kissing

#sky window

hot day---
his car won't start,
he opened the sky window


the parakeet
at odds with the parrot---
it's plagiarism

#it's a Union Square

cold evening---
the sax player
switches to baritone

#Fat Cat

Fat Cat ran to the
next window to keep
spying on a police dog


crow walking
on a tar covered roof---
low clouds


laptops, cell phones, and
mint chip _mocha cups---
horse drawn carriages outside

#my frog haiku

Basho's frog haiku:

Furu ike ya Old pond!
kawazu tobikomu frog jumps in
mizu no oto water’s sound

my frog haiku:

I'm sick and tired
of you frog---
go jump in a lake


in shorts at night---
she bypasses Tiffany's
going to the gym


I looked up the name:
tonight's is Waning Crescent---
the moon


that same rhythm
page after page---
I fall asleep


the old man's staring---
his wife left him
for a younger man


May sun sets
behind two trees---
I hear echoes of bells jingle


cars honk
at a stop sign
a millipede crosses---slowly


that old crow's been
in enough haiku
to fill a Yahoo mail account

#haiku moments

haiku moments---
suddenly you stop,
you go back and look


the rain hitting the window
is saying sambuca

#Memorial Day

Memorial Day---
flag draped coffins
still arrive


Friday morning---
that same old boring


blue eyed blond,
blue scarf, blue coat, blue umbrella---

#it's a Union Square

naked women on the grass---
in bronze
by Rene Letourneur


at the metro card machine,
with a gun---
Pancho Villa's mustaches

#on cell

at Starbucks
the voice of Ella dwarfed
by the voice of Ella on cell


the trees fully grown leaves
hide lower level

#City Ballet Review: May 24, 2005

cool rainy day---
I go
to the ballet

City Ballet danced
Bach's Goldberg Variations,
by Robbins--it's sunny

Cameron Grant's
playing the piano---
I felt grand

partnering Weese---
Peter Boal's
very sweet

and Neal's---
beautiful little bird

many jumps to second
and tour---and tour---and tour---
that's mine!

then Glass Pieces---
also by Robbins,
dancers walk but go no where

going back home---
it warmed up
and the rain stopped


on her chair
on the porch---
a feather


toasted bagel
and cappuccino---
her delicate oriental looks


pen and paper
writing haiku
my duty every day

#the moon

I woke up feeling someone
pointing a light saber at me---
the moon

#it's a Union Square

all benches full---
except the with pigeon shit
strewn ones


from her Ann Taylor
shopping bag,
sticks out a baguette


depleted sunlight,
her shadow and her
become one


New York's well fed pigeons:
first walk--- then run--- then fly---
just kick their ass!


my boss
wrote a haiku
about his nose


nice day,
eating lunch outside---
two men discuss Plato


at a locksmith: covering
the store's windows
locked steel gates


rain and one grayish green celebrated

#the Zoo

the Zoo in May---
the young of animals
and humans


a rope walker

#mid may

mid may---
the sun's heat caresses;
the shade's cool air tickles

#a cat

a cat
at night
walking---then jumped into the bushes


ocean viewing---
with each soft caress
the splashing of the surf


under a streetlight
a dog walker


on a beach---
a seashell whispers
a distant lover's heart beat


hot day---
graffiti on the roofs

#a ride?

on the train after school
a two seater bicycle---
need a ride?


Sony Atrium---
the smell of rubber,
Spider Man walks the ceiling


Madison Square Park lunch time--
a sparrow's looking
to see who's new

#mothers' day

mothers' day---
I wish I could still say:
"o I forgot to call her"


cleaning man in the subway
plays golf:
broom stick and an m&m

#in line

standing in line---
she smiled baring her midriff,
I smiled bearing it all


still not dark enough to view
the Empire State Building's lights


bored to tears,
the crocodile
chews on weeds


rush hour---
he gives his seat,
she carries a Victoria's Secret bag


at the foot of
a black glass tower
wilted lilacs


side walk potted flowers sale---
calla lilies:
eight dollars each


one of New York's finest
to a star obstacle vaulter


the clown
at his desk
counting his marbles


fly on the window
awe stricken---
plane lands at LaGuardia

#no showing off

fog covered skyline---
just lights
and no showing off

#rain check

sun set---
nothing doing
I took a rain check


haiku wrapped insect---
click "delete"


brick paved street
at the cemetery


these empty lines---
waiting for their "moment"
and click on "send"


spring purple rose---
choosing love
over war


morning fog---
the marina sinks
boat by boat

#summer time

summer time---
and the baker has
a sale


the doctor tending the patient---
the Yankees
playing tonight

#red lights

foggy night---
all is left
are blinking red lights


the scent of a rose,
not the rose itself---
has a metal stem


pouring rain---
through a hole for two minutes
the sun watched

#sun set

sun set---
too soon slipped in a cloud belt
and set it on fire

#spring cleaning

spring cleaning day:
some weird living things---
also dead


end of the subway line
outside the station---
an H&R Block


on the sidewalk
next to the tulips
a tulip in chalk

#snow shower

cold wind gusts---
snow shower
from apple blossoms


a waterfall of light
gushing out of dark clouds


at the street fair:
ride a pony
for real---from Kentucky


all his money gone
he's still reading
the racing paper


checking the forecast---
the radar is prettier
than rain in person


in a subway tunnel
a worker sings
his ears muffled


walking passing
much apple blossom---
many April weddings

#it's a Union Square

red and yellow tulips
in Union Square---
Gandhi poses

[In Union Square, New York City there is a statue of Gandhi cast while he is


retired Checker cab
repainted Yankee's
blue and white


small tree
with small new leaves---
tickles the ears

#french fries

long yellow finger nails---
eating french fries
at McDonald

#new Pope

short wait
for white Sistine smoke


dark street---
green half moon
through spring apple blossom


sign in the subway:
"hold tight"---
at rush hour hold the others

#it's a Union Square

Washington on a horse---
the army behind him
is sun bathing


from the State Capitol
never white smoke

#hand in hand

a spring Sunday afternoon--
scantly dressed bodies
walk hand in hand


Sunday morn'
walked too far west---
someone singing gospel


some haiku---
an art store
in a suburban mall


the City from across
the East River---
concrete Titans


taking photos---
a shadow
did not miss any shadows


Saturday morning---
in an empty booth
a left over sports section


early morning---
the sound of a garbage truck

#another pointing haiku

a little girl
points to a star
with a wand

#on the wagon

cool dry April days---
pigeons going
on the wagon


two junkyard dogs
at a Porche speeding by

#over the hill

over the hill yuppies---
even donut shops
now serve espresso

#the sun

the sun in my eyes;
soon it will set---
I keep looking


a grey hound in the midst
of Saturday afternoon shoppers


crescent moon
before dark---


little buds
all over bare branches---


the Brooklyn Bridge---
did make you feel breathless?

#this week we got reminded

why Henry VIII
told the Pope
go jump in a lake
#chicken feet

Mexican food take out-
chicken feet soup
upon request


early spring---
baby pigeons
eating with the sparrows

#old man

cloudy morning---
the old man at his desk
secreting a haiku

#a frog

a frog stares at me
from under a rock---
I say no

#amusement park

sleet storm---
umbrellas bump and rebound
like cars in an amusement park


early spring
flaky showers---
seagulls shed feathers

#reason you believe

some times the reason
you believe what you believe
is just luck


the sounds of the Dead,
the smell of incense---
Marcuse covered with dust


vernal equinox---
the rain didn't feel different
than autumn's


early spring rain---
leafless branches


I can still see
my neighbor read


too cold to open a window
but still---spring


March seventeen---
the nurse wears
green shoes


spring at a swamp---
a see thru shrimp
digests its food


spring fever---
freshly painted
cherry red graffiti


day dreaming---
summer nights on a hammock:
crescent moon


mid March---
soon it'll be shamrocks
all over


florescent short nail
in a dark club---
crescent moon


evening blue sky---
shredded cotton


cafe with a telescope;
I looked---
a huge moon hangs from a ceiling


outside my window
Saturday morning---
soap bubbles rise

#Ballet News: ballet booing

[UK News]: The characters of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were
booed by dance fans attending the Manchester premiere of the ballet "Diana,
the Princess."

Otherwise, fans at the Palace Theater were noisily appreciative of the
interpretation by Danish choreographer Peter Schaufuss and Zara Deakin, who
plays the late princess.

still not as bad
as booing---
Nijinsky "Rights of Spring"

#Ballet Talk: booooo!

when my ballet is done
it'll have plenty ballet baddies to

#dig me?

red light on tall building
whispering to passing planes:
dig me?


early morning---
still watching the water
brewing my tea

#cool down

beige fury cat
out on the sidewalk
lies on her back to cool down


snow of
yesterday's storm---
wear your eyes-shades


clean blue sky---
smoke gushing out;
red and white tall chimney


after the snow ended
some one lit a fire---
in the horizon


walking to the dentist
in a snow storm---
grinding glass


a trail of petals
leading to a window sign:
"find out who loves you"


finally it warmed up---
I didn't wear my rabbit


jet plane so high---
on a glass door


red tiled slanted
roofs over look
a rocky beach


leafless trees
behind a mesh wire fence-
above it barbed wire

#on the rocks

Tiffany lamps hang
from the ceiling---
I say Campari on the rocks

#snow girl

a snow man in a
school play ground is
a snow girl


sun is out,
but the air is cold---
soon will start spring training


more snow flurries
fueling more temper furies
at morbid weather


fresh snow--- all foot prints
lead away from entrance
to the subway


snow flakes move in the air-
like heat agitated
water molecules

#no where

tree looks like a map
roads going---
no where


asked for mint
ice cream, I got pistachio-
ate it


full moon,
Friday night-
knock on wood


you wouldn't know it's winter
till you look down-


snow falls in large flakes
like white confetti---
nothing to celebrate


some faint red light
still left in the horizon--
I pour more wine


spring day,
birds perched on the roof---
I clean my windows

#the other side!

full moon before sunrise
pretends to be the sun---
the other side!


gray sky,
walking in slush---
spiky trees


a President's Day snow storm---
all mush
and no grits


cloudy sky---
a blond
passes by

#red ears

beckoning cat
in a Chinese take-out--
has red ears


cold air outside my window,
giant refrigerators---


a dog chases ducks
into the pond---
the ice finally cracked

#bird feeder

a bird feeder hangs from a branch-
sparrows more than buds
by two to one


cold and cloudy
early Thursday morning---
I go back to sleep

#sun set

sun set---
the storm ends, the sky clears,
one cloud catches fire


the streets are flooded-
I use my umbrella
to measure depth


a blind woman
lead by a dog stops---
another dog passes by


I keep looking
for the other half of the scale---
a half moon


the rain stopped, the sun shines,
and the crow perched
on his usual place


rained all day---
the puddles got deeper,
my jumps shorter


the rain comes down
in strings
of little pearls

it's a Union Square Valentine Day:
two haiku

nothing red
except the sign of

the black dog
of the label black and white
is happy to be here


ladders lie
in storage on a roof ---
end of the line is a dive


crescent moon beams over
Manhattan sky line---
another tourist


busy streets, snow all gone,
as normal the sidewalks are

#Paris Hilton

she looked so cool
on the Letterman show---
that's hot

#Valentine Day

Valentine Day---
the grocery store has a sale
on garlic


strong cold wind---
I follow the smell of cooking
to the nearest food cart

#jelly beans

viewing the soon
to be flowers--
a jar of jelly beans


strong wind rolling
empty cans on my roof---
intense heavy metal


behind the doll
as it moves on stage
a man's shadow

#Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday---
for a moment I thought
her forehead was bleeding


in white robe and stethoscope
out on the street
for her cigarette break


dark clouds will rain
here may be


cloudy day--
I let the crow
feel welcome


she sips coffee--
one ear wired to an ipod
the other at her cell


quiet morning-
a mockingbird
answers his own call

#last month

the sun as it sets--
than at noon, last month


warm and sunny--
is empty


Super Bowl Sunday--
I am viewing
the colts beat the rams

#Leonardo DiCaprio

so it's the environment,
and how about the Indians-
God Father


in a cafe five foreign men argue,
one stands up-
to make a point


clear blue sky-
warm sun light
washes away gray dirty snow

#the sparrows

early morning
the sparrows
doing better than the competition

#it's a Union Square

sandwiched at Cosi
between people-
I ate a sandwich


the snow melted a little:
my neighbor
washes his Jeep


the snow on the roots
recedes, the buds
on the branches proceed


between an orange blue sky
and night fall
the smell of garlic


the fish know
we are here

#ocean viewing

ocean viewing---
suddenly a wave
made by a dolphin


a white coiffured poodle
on the snow

#it warmed

it warmed enough to feel
like driving south four
hundred miles last month

#cell people

no one is as happy
talking to real people
as to their cell

#street dirt

yesterday's pure white
today's street dirt

#a duck

reddish brown pigeon-
walks like
a duck

#up or down

bright sun, snow cover-
you wince whether
looking up or down


duplicate houses-
even the snow amount
in each garden

#on the street

on the street
before the mass starts-
a man smokes

#bull fighters

lifting weights in the gym
two retired
bull fighters

#black and white

snow melting
on tar covered roofs-
pictures in black and white


cold afternoon---
kids walk home from school
the smell of baking bread


frigid day--
I turn the heat up,
the sun gets warmer


the roses wilted,
the chocolate eaten-
but the poem still rhymes


smoke freezes
as it comes out
as if has seen a ghost


don't ask me why
but that's what Jupiter
said about the moon

#white wings

white wings dip and lift
don't mind the snow


caught the sea bass
in a restaurant-
stared at each other

#tooth ache

full moon
on a silver platter
and I got a tooth ache


half snow half water-
the yin and the yang


write true haiku
with your finger-
on sand


the snow starts to melt-
the moon
is still there


the snow starts to melt-
the dirt
is still there


morning blue sky-
finally something live


snow brightens a cold night
like makeup
on a street walker


all cars buried
under snow
look like giant beetles


haiku on the Internet-
bird calls
in a jungle


a blizzard---
I walk to buy food
snow in my pockets

#red mini

cherry red mini
snow cleared as soon as the sky was-
must be true love

#above it

in a snow storm
the moon stays
above it all


giant snow fall-
elephant foot prints
where ever you go


the sound of hurt feelings
kicking sand
in your face


ice fractals
on my window-
coral islands


smoke columns lean
like dozing travelers
on a cold train

#frigid night

frigid night
walking across town-
my shadow stoops


frog in winter
go back-

#it's a Union Square

Starbucks: no seats-
a girl happy to see a friend;
kissed her on the cheek

#it's a Union Square

know why they are
all happy-
Bush Inauguration


face of a nun
wearing a black habit-
the moon


too many cowardly
behind clown masks


ants working
early morning
moving mountains


smoke in
cold blue sky-
ink spraying octopus


cracked my window
said hi

#cold afternoon

cold afternoon-
walking by myself;
the sun a mere decoration


their forecast
of a snow storm-


call for prayers
at dawn-
crescent moon


crescent moon---
I like Titan


half moon above
a pizza restaurant-
one to go

#on the street

on the street-
I thought she was yelling at me;
but it was her shadow


I stopped
being seen
under a tobacco cloud


winter sunset---
a poncho
of light

#two girls

two girls in a coffee shop
talk of past men;
share a latte


rain this morning-
in tin cans

#it's a Union Square

Japanese girls take ballet class-
in the moon light


gray blanket of fog---
I close my curtains
not to see it


city streets in dense fog
leading nowhere


the moon: romance
the earth from space:


outside a flower shop
a tree
chained to a bicycle


compared to a photo
a haiku
is a shadow

#Mideast peace

it's now


another caw-
by now
I'm used to grey mornings


meaning hidden-
in the mind
of the mind


she raises her arm-
I start eating
my melon half


my neighbour sings-
the glass in the kitchen
plays the music


morning blue sky
a herd of gray buffalos---

#hold hands

moonless Saturday night-
they hold hands; cross
the street on yellow light

#lay away

the rain is back-
I'll put it
in the lay away


behind a bush a cat
eats lunch take-out:
food and water in foam


I drop a lemon peel
in my espresso

#old friends

Christmas lights linger
like departing old friends:
stand talking at the door


it's an airport lounge
where ever they are


attracting lots of
dog attention-
my rabbit fedora


dark morning-
dirt on my windows
doesn't show


waiting for the storm
at the gate-
a bag of salt


long blond hair:
walking in the mist-
king Tut

#Ballet News: E=mc2

ballet dancers
better start learning
math fast

[A British professor of physics, Jerry Cowhig has commissioned Mark Baldwin,
the artistic director of Rambert Dance Company of England, to choreograph a
ballet based on Albert Einstein's E=mc2 to commemorate the centennial of the
publication of the theory of relativity this coming Spring. BBC News, UK

#billiard balls

billiard balls
in their tray---


sometimes I have
strange thoughts---
walking alone late night

#a squirrel

a squirrel recites a haiku


what is marriage
is becoming like
what is God

#dark clouds

dark clouds and rain
the only silver lining
it'll be warm

#red and blue

the fish in a blue bawl
the bird in a red cage-
but both don't vote

#a shadow haiku

some shadows in bars
nod a lot-
to each other


as dawn progresses
sun light and house lights


we are all


new year's first morning-
hanging from a tree
a silver slipper


sitting under a bare tree
sipping coffee-
my brain's neurons


going to a new year's party-
her miniskirt


tonight new year's eve-
all the rats
will stay home

#marionettes store

a marionettes store-
a live parrot
in its window


as I enter the subway
the perfume of a
woman who went out

#it's a Union Square dog run

owners wait
their dogs play-
poised like statues

#Greeley Park

[Greeley Park is on a little traffic island between 32 and 34 Streets across
Broadway from Macy's Department Store. It has a statue of Horace Greeley,
1811—72, American newspaper editor, founder of the New York Tribune.]

warm winter night-
lights on trees shade
from Holidays' traffic

#the Marines

the tsunami terror-
send them
the Marines


little bulbs on a tree-
a sparrow
connects the dots

#placid morning

placid morning-
the chill desists
the snow softens

#good meal

at the garbage
a Christmas tree-
makes a good meal for a moose


cloudy night--
picture of the moon
on a billboard

#mass death

cries the day after joy in His birth-
mass death
tests our faith


a lone cloud-
in the shape
of a crystal ball


where would a moose
in New York City?

#cold morning

cold morning---
warming my hands
on notebook key board

#the garbage

taking out the garbage in the snow--
with sow dust on the floor

#day after

day after Christmas-
on a sidewalk
a soiled Santa hat


tsunamis in south Asia-
tear drops
across the world

#two smoke haikus

overcast morning-
a plume of smoke
aspires to be a cloud

smoke creeps-
a dragon
attacks a skyscraper


full moon over Broadway-
the marquees
suddenly turn green

#full moon

full moon as it sets-
with the curtains drawn


under a Christmas tree
a roll
of paper towels

#silent night

silent night-
Tiffany windows
glitter in the moon light

[Merry Christmas to all]

#Times Square

Times Square Christmas Eve-
only tourists
are homeless


last night the wind's horn
this morning J.S. Bach's

#a curtain

rain drops in the wind--
parting a curtain
of beads

#morning viewing

morning viewing---
but the gloom before the storm

#on a tree

perched on a tree
pigeons in a line
sparrows spread

#a rose

I gave her her gift
sub rosa-
a rose

"Sub rosa" literally means "under the rose" in New Latin. Since ancient times,
the rose has often been associated with secrecy. In ancient mythology, Cupid
gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to keep him from telling
about the indiscretions of Venus. Ceilings of dining rooms have been decorated
with carvings of roses, reportedly to remind guests that what was said at the
table should be kept confidential. Roses have also been placed over
confessionals as a symbol of the confidentiality of confession. This
information is from

#at a cafe

at a cafe-
warmer weather
the chatter back to normal

#morning clouds

cold morning clouds--
vapor from the horizon
carbon from chimneys

#arctic night

arctic night
moon is out
wears a ski hat

#cold weather

cold weather-
stands at the garbage
an abandoned refrigerator

#wind chill

New York City
wind chill zero-
it's a desert out there

#cold wind

cold wind and snow
the shivers
smell of burning newspapers


cat in the window
tapping the glass with her claw-
i said hi

#short poem: lives

from my window
I see lines
some vertical
some horizontal
like a stack of unfinished canvas--
people in them are painting
their own masterpieces:
living their lives


suddenly alchemy---
tin is silver
in the sun light


bare tree next to a
TV antenna-
nonverbal orations

#sea bass

sea bass for dinner-
tender, delicious
melted my winter doldrums

#It's A Union Square

holiday gift stores in tents-
a souk
in an oasis

#so cold

still so cold---
a witch sends
a Christmas card

#It's A Union Square: Starbucks East

they all act like zombies-
it must be the coffee

#It's A Union Square: Virgin Store

they all take their time
and act like
real virgin


Beethoven's birthday
I comb my hair

#Christmas Tree

bright sun--
the Christmas tree

#Short Poem: Geminid

the Geminid meteor shower:
scratches in the night blanket
day light peeks through

[The Geminid meteor shower is ongoing through December 19th. Peak activity
occurs during the 13th and 14th. The meteors are composed of debris from
asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The Geminids have increased in intensity since first
seen in 1862.This information is from]


bitter cold December morning
penguins walk---
going to school

#smell of pine

in a restaurant
the smell of pine
the duck is succulent

#ballet talk: tendue

ballet style shoes
winter fashion
stuck in the snow--tendue

#Valley of the Kings

[While walking on Third Avenue in the sixties, New York City.]

tall buildings carved of mountains
traffic a river-
Valley of the Kings

[Click on valley-of-kings.htm to see
beautiful pictures and information on Egypt's Valley of the Kings.]

#a fly

in my tea cup
a fly forgot
how to swim

#windy day

windy day---
the Plaza fountain pissed off
at tourists stares

#tea cup

the tea cup
its shadow


wheels of subway trains
turn fast---
passengers at the station stand

#rain drops

rain drops on bare trees
sparkle in street lights---
ornate nails of night dancers

#the light house

the moon preempted
by fog
the lighthouse steps forward


dense fog and mist-
the fisherman's catch
came back to life

#Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I look at myself in the mirror
thinking of you

#espresso coffee

the bud of a black rose
in a cup---
espresso coffee


the meaning
of Life
is "?"

#wind whistles

grid lock day
in the city-
the wind whistles

[A grid lock day in Manhattan is a day on which the holiday traffic is so heavy
that motorists have to abide thoroughly by traffic laws so that traffic will
not be indefinitely immobilized.]


candle is gone-
a bottle full
of blisters

#eyes of cats

fog at night-
only the head lights of cars in sight
and eyes of cats


lights through the window shades
faces in a camp fire


in the fog
skyscrapers are ghosts
of dinosaurs


then fog
and now twilight


a crow on a chimney-
a kid draws
with crayons

#a forest

lights of the city
from my window-
a forest of Christmas trees

#beautiful morning

beautiful morning-
the wind and me

#cold wind

cold wind permanent
makes me

#cold morning

cold morning---
the donuts
are frosted

#kicking legs

kicking legs-
the fish
ran out of breath

#Ballet News: Dame Alicia Markova Died

Dame Alicia Markova died-
Giselle is crying

#it's a Union Square

Blimpie's coffee
is better
than Starbucks'

#the moon

a monk's head
sleeping in candle light-
the moon


warm evening---
at her window
she cooks


loneliness cries
like a hungry wolf


wind says:
"I won't leave"
in Chinese


like the caress
of a lover
the sea breeze

#stormy day

a stormy day
the city all still
in a state of diapause


holiday glitter
electrons simulate
visible nature


snow flakes, ribbons,
and lights on strings
on trees

#day after

sunny the day after*
sky wiped clean
nothing left over

[*day after Thanksgiving]


sidewalk cafe---
nearby church bells
ring holiday cheer


airplanes pass the train station
to land and take off-
also pigeons


orange and yellow
some green left-
some trees take it slow


a well fed beige cat
peeks at me
from under a gray Honda


birds pick at
left over scone
on a playground