Sunday, February 24, 2008


bright day---
yesterday's snow


blue sky---
I go to buy
lactose free milk


a redhead asks me
how's the salmon


snow melted
from the fire escape---
squirrel walks down


February blizzard---
I tell kids playing in snow
merry Christmas


at dawn---
no more milk


windy day---
the mailman
arrives early


holding the binoculars
in her hands---she has
more rings than Saturn


strong wind gusts---
I hug
a tree


blue sky---
some one whistles
in the bathroom


February sunset---
I made
the salsa


she shows me
her new tattoo---
full moon sets


the rain stops
sun comes out---
a dolphin jumps


rainy dawn---
I feed
the gold fish

Sunday, February 17, 2008


he knocks on my door---
wants to know
if Matilde lives here


Sunday morning stillness---
the cat


blue sky---
I skip
Karate class


dog walking time in Chelsea---
I can smell
the loneliness


one more campus shooting---
isn't this
also terror?


Madison Square Park---
she's alone at the fountain
a half moon


Cherry trees
on her block bud---
Valentine's Day


blue sky---
senior citizen couple out
for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day---
when love is never free
but there's always a sale


all the snow gone
this morning---
with last night barmaid smiles


caught in a snow storm---
I walk into
the nearest bar


the snow starts---
my neighbor quits
his computer game


Lincoln's Birthday---
whoever wins* today
prejudice loses

* 2008 Democratic Party

presidential primaries


her smile widens---
crescent moon sets


blue sky---
so what if it's so cold
the pond froze


crescent moon
over skyline---
bridge traffic slows

Sunday, February 10, 2008


strong wind driven
snow flurries---
it feels like facial


I watch an iguana eat
cactus leaves on tv


Saturday night---
getting very hungry
waiting for a pizza


she's upset 'cause
I woke her up


alone on a pier
he plays the trombone---
Winter sunset


a construction site
on a Winter day---
got sand in my shoes


dancing a little---
I kill
a cockroach


grey sky---
the seagulls take
the day off


for the new year*---
a temple nun
washes Buddha



waiting for the train---
parallel lines meet
at infinity


warm February night---
the cat wants
to go out


sun behind clouds---
a rat runs
across the parking lot


ticker tape parade
for the Giants*---
they're friendlier when off field

* The New York Giants won
Super Bowl XLII


Fat Tuesday---
hope your candidate*
will have enough meat

* Fat Tuesday this year is
also Super Tuesday


hard times---
a pimp
takes a write-down


my neighbor's parrot
louder than usual---
tomorrow is Mardi Gras

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Super Bowl night---
I rush home
not to miss any commercials


morning ice on the roofs---
she closes
her chiffon curtains


walking across
the Brooklyn bridge---
it's our cathedral


looking at last month
heating oil bill


rainy night---
the clicks of high heels
behind me


the water in the gutter


blue sky---
an old man
forgot to shave


my snow boots still
in the back of closet---
January ends


strong wind pushes me---
how many watts
can it produce?


morning stillness---
I turn off
my cell phone


passing a funeral home---
their plants need
some water


his last state of union speech---
he said the words
climate change


outside beauty salon---
a bull dog pisses
on no parking sign


cold dawn---
a migrant worker
cycles to work