Tuesday, October 27, 2009


a vampire is embarrassed---
October has not ended
a half moon


East River calm waters---
kids make plans
Halloween nears


Halloween nears---
a flock of white birds
fly south


blue sky
a witch pretends
to be happy


Saturday night---
a ghost is tipsy
fallen leaves


late October---
a homeless man says
trick or treat


October dead leaves---
a witch passes me
hat less


he looks like a tree
dressed for a fight---
samurai art at the Met


pass the bread please---
the number of hungry people
exceeds a billion


East River nice day---
a falling leaf
startles me


October sunrise---
pumpkins are
on display

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


October night stillness---
my irobot
attacks me


blue sky---
I have no coins
for the parking meter


October spooky night---/
the neighbors kid does not/
call me sir


morning fog---
ghosts crowd the streets
October boredom


October chill---
a grave digger


October sunrise---
a witch closes
the curtains


October moonless night---
a ghost looks


October heavy rain continues---
a skeleton has
no comment


the flu shot line---
the man in front of me
keeps coughing


October heavy rain---
a vampire
feels thirsty


October wind chill---
a homeless man laughs
as I pass


October the Thirteenth---
she wears
a cross

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


October midnight---
an apparition outside
a house for sale


Columbus Day---
the UPS guy knocks
on the wrong door


October sunset---
goblins lurk
waiting for darkness


October Saturday night---
her perfume
makes me sneeze


October morning dark clouds---
a witch


now what---
Obama wins
the peace Noble prize


I check to see
if it still looks the same---
NASA bombs the moon


moonless night---
a burglar forgets
to bring a flash light


October bright day---
a scarecrow


October night strong wind---
a ghost arrives


October rain stops---
a butterfly
comes by


early October---
a ghost minds
his own business


shy about
the gray in his hair---
a day moon fades away


blue sky---
a lizard
does nothing


the cat has not
slept a wink---
full moon at sunrise

Monday, October 05, 2009


East river nice Fall day---
the soccer ball
keeps going out of bounds


Sunday morning fog---
the art class
moves indoors


October---kids still jam
an ice cream shop
Saturday night


I pull the bed sheet
over my head---
a harvest moon sets


October sunset---
she keeps raising
her pants


October First---
I search three closets
to find a sweater


tsunami in Samoa---
a wave of tears
all the way over here


cold September wind---
changing from sweat
to goose bumps


Queensboro Bridge walkway---
a kid passes me
in a toy car


blue sky---
I empty
my inbox


evening rain---
I wait for my bus
inside a bar


suddenly they quiet---
the teacher returns
last exam papers