Friday, October 01, 2010


October starts with
a drenching storm---
a witch laughs at me


Tony Curtis dies---
many still like
Some Like It Hot


September predawn rain---
I wait for the alarm
to ring


East River warm Autumn day---
a red oil tanker


curtain call---
storm clouds rise
for the sun to take a bow


nine AM---
they stand in an Autumn rain storm
waiting for a bus


dark clouds move
in between skyscrapers---
the Dow goes down


morning fog---
the rain makes it
impossible to hear


Wall Street evening fog---
no one is here
to take a bet


East Side skyline---
the UN building looks
more like a hospital


Autumn Saturday night---
a lonely man eyes
an apple


early Autumn morning---/
a full moon decides/
to hang on


Pakistan floods---
all that water is still there/
and people are hungry


morning fog---
I open the bathroom


end of the school day----
the kids are happy
but the parents are not


nice Autumn day---
the teacher keeps looking
out of the window


the night of the
September Equinox---
a harvest moon


in Afghanistan---
girls with no brothers
are forced to cross dress


September Equinox---
I discard a bottle
of sunscreen lotion


East River blue sky---
the wakes of speed boats
and contrails


September cold morning---
I put a blanket
in the cat bed


East River choppy waters---
the seagulls
flutter their wings


blue sky---
for no reason her memory
suddenly comes back


NFL on TV---
ED ads and Bret Favre
still plays hard


it's a living---
they rummage the garbage
for deposit paid containers


the Pope goes to England---
will he visit the tomb
of Henry the Eighth


blue sky---
an ambulance crew stop
for a break


Friday sunset---
Yom Kippur


Friday afternoon at a bar---
every one is still


early Autumn---
above my desk a spider
is busy at work


evening fog---
thunder and lighting
and my neighbor sings


mid September morning rush---
now I believe
Summer is over


mid September sunset---
the apples are not
red yet


Autumn at Central Park Zoo---
the rams butt
more than usual

#No Subject

the US Open men final---
the rain plays
it's own game


among the red roses
A statue of Virgin Mary


blue sky---
I view pictures of
hydrogen bombs explosions


morning stillness---
the cat sharpens
it's claws


Summer evening fog---
an actor has to play
Hamlet's father