Tuesday, July 05, 2011


July blue sky---
a man remembers
last night fireworks


July Fourth sunset---
fireworks but no
gun powder


East River choppy waters---
the carving of barbecue:
July Fourth


I wonder what De Gaulle
would have thought of him


an immigrant looks at
a dollar bill first time


July Fourth dense fog---
life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness


New York Harbor fog---
Miss Liberty is still


fog and rain---
a driver asks how to get
to the Mid-Town Tunnel


this morning thunder and lightening-
tomorrow's night:
July Fourth


July Third cloudy sky---
a man plays chess
with himself


I skip the sunset
and wait for the fireflies


Summer strawberries---
they always remind me
of soul kissing


July Second blue sky---
a man walks barefoot
on the beach


blue clouds at sunset---
an American flag
is lowered for the night


in time for July Fourth:
DSK free to go---
just the USA


afternoon white patchy clouds---
she shampoos
her hair


July First blue sky---
a man sits under
a Field Elm tree


a frisbee veers into the waters---
June pink clouds
in the horizon


July Fourth weekend---
a pigeon walks unbothered
on the street median


blue sky---
a man puts on sunscreen
June ends


the more the sun sinks
the more a blimp rises---
Fourth of July nears


East River end of June---
the swans
are back


if you can't beat them join them---
the Pope now


morning blue sky---
a June breeze gives me


the new IMF head
is still French---
but is a woman


a fly informs me
of dirt places in my kitchen


morning haze---
my neighbor talks to me
in a whisper


both Venus sisters
are out of it


Summer sunset---
at last
the clouds open up


a soccer field---
kids learn how to shoot at the goal
with no goalie


June blue sky---
a glider


Summer sunrise---
a black cat goes to hide
under a parked car


Origami New York convention---
it's all made
of paper


June sunset---
the sun behind clouds
but the redness is still there


East River late June---
the pool is open
but no one is swimming


Sunday blue sky---
the masts of sail boats
parked in the marina


she says she had enough


Manhattan afternoon haze---
gay people no more
have to hide


Saturday night---
a gay bar admits
straight couples


morning fog---
a kid watches
a Popeye cartoon


there's dancing in the streets---
New York legalizes
same sex marriage


East River June fog---
only the pigeons
are here


Friday morning fog---
if you arrive late
you have an excuse


Paul Simon almost seventy---
he still sings
Mrs Robinson


afternoon low dark clouds---
the skyline goes


dense fog---
a math teacher re-explains how
to clear parentheses


Summer morning fog---
a street sparrow does not
fly as I pass it


afternoon fog---
Jimi Hendrix


the chess players in the park---
the rain comes


the sun comes out---
the forecast still says


cloudy sky---
a smoker looks at
a new cigarette pack


Summer Solstice sunset---
a gigolo takes
his time


Summer raspberries---
it feels like munching
on sour glass


Summer Solstice---
the cat has a long wait
till night time


First Day of Summer---
morning cool breeze
as I open a window


Syria's Assad---
it's time he retires:
to Iran


grocery store---
a little kid in the shopping cart:
enjoys the ride


beach blue sky---
a fashion model forgets
to bring her swim suit


Sunday blue sky---
a father takes his kids
to a concert in the park


Father's Day---
the letter "l" in Google
is a yellow tie


fisherman's net
put out to dry---the Queensboro
Bridge Sunday morning


as the sun sets
the ac gets cooler


June Saturday night---
dads go out on the town
with their offspring


June Thai cuisine
AC is high so that
the food will not make you sweat


blue sky---
a kid forgets where he hid
his marbles


a stormy day---
the sun shows up just
before it sets


afternoon fog---
a kid can't find anyone
to play hide and seek


the skyline from far---
near by cell towers like
dwarf skyscrapers


thunder and lightening---
pigeons fly fast and low:
people hurry


June morning shower---
a jogger will need another
when he gets home


Weiner resigns---
he does the correct thing
for a change


Central Park out-houses---
for a quarter a visit
you can't beat it


East River cool June breeze---
the benchwarmers
stop talking


June sunrise---
a tanning oil billboard
turns off


clouds at sunset---
like lava from the top
of a volcano


June blue sky---
shows up


a Rousseau quote:
man is born free---
but every where he's in chains


blue sky---
a beach kite


patchy clouds at sunset---
she puts cream
on her strawberries


East River nice June day---
a bank rat comes out
to look around


partial blue sky---
a balding old man
rearranges his hair


Saudi Arabia Gov
the Prophet freed women:
they shackle them


the Tony Awards---
it's all
in the feet


lab created bacteria---
don't like it
change it


now Bin Laden is dead---
people talk of him as human:
not demon


Arizona fire jumps the state line-
New Mexicans fight back
with fire


Sunday morning fog---
a cigar smoker takes
a walk


the Belmont---
Animal Kingdom


Saturday night fog---
only when they talk
I notice


Saturday fog---
a golfer asks his caddie
where the ball landed


Manhattan low dark clouds---
more reason to feel


East River---
I missed its cool breeze
during recent heat wave


Arab Spring---
it's about the rich few
and the shabby masses


morning blue sky---
a teacher loses
her cool


Prince Philip at ninety---
his tongue as sharp
as ever


the heat wave---
thunder and lightening:
I go take a shower


staying home waiting
for the sun to set---
June heat wave


workers on scaffolds
paint a building---
second day of a heat wave


morning haze---
I finally adjust
the tv picture


heat wave sunset---
finally the rage
cools down


it's the wind---
fire burns Arizona
ponderosa pine trees


June heat wave---
an ice-cream truck
breaks down


more politicos prowl---
congressman Weiner
obsessed with his wiener


blue sky---
many carry umbrellas:
a June heat wave


sunset viewed from the kitchen---
it feels like
the sun is cooking my food


cloudy sky---
a special on egg-whites only


crescent moon---
some one took a bite
of the Big Apple


the sun comes out from behind
clouds to set---
Apple launches icloud


East River Summer green waters-
the bank algae is
doing real well


this Summer---
DSK trial will beat all
day time soap operas


please tell Syria's Assad
to stop killing his people


blue sky---
a kid gets a new
coloring book


East River cool June Sunday---
kids run races
to win medals


Sunday morning---
two dogs sniff each other
while their owners chat


a dunk shot---
the sun sets into a crack
of the clouds


hard times---
a man forgets his
pants pocket out


crescent moon---
he wants a lemon peel
in his espresso


June sunset---
enough lemon juice
to make my whiskey sour


June cools down---
a beach lifeguard
acts bored


morning blue sky---
a baker cleans
his oven


Second Amendment---
Arizonian guns down five
then shoots himself


East River choppy waters---
a tennis player keeps
breaking his serve


Summer breezy day---
plenty of visible
goose bumps


blue sky---
the park chess table
is empty


the granite of the skyline
lightens up


a kid blows soap bubbles---


tornado watch for NYC---
there is no
basement here


hot day---
a lizard tries
to get closer


the henchmen of Assad---
now they torture and kill
little boys


morning fog---
I remember last
night dream