Sunday, August 15, 2010


August afternoon dozing---
the sound
of a foghorn


early Sunday morning---
the burglar alarm


Saturday night on a beach---
it's too dark to see
what's going on


a wedding reception---
every one is texting
including me


Hudson River blue sky---
two midshipmen pass
in a hurry


on the beach cafe---
the Cesar salad has
crumbs of sand


evening stillness ---
the shower


August rain---
a kid goes


August noon---
a thirsty Muslim walks home
Ramadan starts


morning haze---
a beach beauty goes


a sudden cool breeze---
the life guard shuts
his eyes


August morning drizzle---
a homeless man
wakes up


overcast skies---
but Google says
it's a new moon


morning haze---
a florist has
white camellias


August sunset---
a sunbather goes
to take a shower


Queens borough Bridge walkway---
I pause to tie
my shoelaces


Summer park---
every one is busy
viewing their phone screens


August sunrise---
a lighthouse


Summer night---
a mosquito stops


Hiroshima Day---
a Japanese ballerina
dances on pointe


Lance Armstrong---
the specter of doping
keeps tracking him


it's all in the mind---
finally Rodriguez
hits six hundredth


August first heat wave---
short lines for the bathrooms
in Central Park


East River puffy clouds---
pickers collect
shore pebbles


Summer fleeting passions---
I read Thomas Hardy
Jude the Obscure


August cool---
a fishmonger has


BP's new method to kill---
pump it in from under
not from top


August blue sky---
the smell of sunscreen
in the subway


floods kill more than a thousand
the wars pause


early Sunday morning---
a dog pulls its owner
by the leach


I had enough of that hellmonger
July ends


my neighbor in her underwear
July's last day


East River windy Summer---
the kites get


the Clintons daughter wedding---
who is
the groom


blue sky---
she gives me
a dry kiss


microbial oil eating
bon app├ętit


July morning---
sudden rain washes away
my sweat


a party in my place---
the cockroaches come
after the quests leave


a sudden July cool breeze---
a girl on a swing


East River Summer
strong surf---
the geese stay on shore


Summer morning stillness---
a man whistles at a bird
going to work


July sunset at
an outdoors cafe---
the chatter stops


blue sky---
follows a rain storm
which followed a heat wave


Tour de France---
Contador won
Lance who?


East River heat wave---
the ducks don't
seem to mind


after a sweaty night----
a cool breeze cracks
the sexy neighbor curtain


Saturday night---
everyone dressed in black
except their cat


another July heat wave---
the cat keeps
its eyes closed


Summer night thunder
and lightening storm---
she stops raising hell


a Summer game of horseshoes---
a witch passes
without looking


is it medicaid or
are you too poor or too old


blue sky---
a vanilla ice cream cone


East River muggy day---
a duck just
stands in the water


an eye doctor waiting room---
every one
is reading


Summer gym---
the temp is low
the grunts too high


Summer waxes---
the sunscreen on my face
makes shaving easier


dusk promenade---
fire flies, lilacs,
and tombs of who


morning haze---
I view a
Charlie Chaplin movie