Sunday, September 28, 2008


a squirrel drops
a nut on my head


blue sky
changes to grey---
Paul Newman dies


evening fog---
I watch my neighbor
smoke his waterpipe


more Autumn rain---
I wipe the sweat
off my face


Autumn downpour---
I stand under the canopy
of a house for sale


another bank fails---
we need
a leader


I rush to buy
her birthday present---
crescent moon


Autumn waxes---
a fly lies
on its back


UN assembly meets---
easier to talk
than do


a foster child
being taught baseball


Autumn's second day---
I admire
a tree's greenery


Autumn begins---
a witch opens
her curtains


dawn---I need light
to open my door
a half moon

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Autumn sidewalk cafe---
a homeless lady
sits near by


blue sky---
I listen to her
tell me a lie


Saturday night---
his sister going out
on her first date


bright September day---
the cat refuses
to go out


bright September---
a woman holding a baby
talks to her dog


it's a samurai market---
but how come
the Yen is so low


September sunset---
a dead leaf
at my feet


a rat trap
is still empty


sea food mart---
on sale


blue sky---
for a day moon


her birthday---
she does not have
to finish the broccoli


investment bank goes bankrupt---
an ant keeps busy
saving for winter


Starbucks bathroom---
the tunes
sound better


dawn---wind blows
dust in my face
full moon

Sunday, September 14, 2008


tapping my fingers---
a flamenco dancer
stops and glares at me


morning stillness---
a fly keeps
walking the floor


Saturday night football---
she keeps
recrossing her legs


doing laundry---
sand in the pockets
of my shorts


evening September fog---
the dog smells
another dog


September overcast skies---
a butterfly
stays low


reminds me
of face of my nanny---
almost full moon


September Eleven---
I remember to fix
lock of my backdoor


September bright day---
cold wind makes
the sun feel hotter


Paris pales
compared to Palin---
McCain has now camp


at Applebee's---
I finnished
my broccoli


I look up as
a jetliner passes


September street fair---
only the babes
look appetizing


an ant
comes back

Sunday, September 07, 2008


she stopped walking around
in her under wear


September blue sky---
the dog ate
his homework


September thunder storms---
I share my bed
with the cat


September rain---
I make
split pea soup


dark clouds move in
I smell incense


blue sky---
the cotton candy man
is sold out


a little girl asks
what "Yankees" means


she took my picture
off her desk


evening rush---
I recall a beach
past Summer night


September blues---
I visit
the steam baths


McCain's running mate---
at first sight


rubber mouse sticks out
of garbage can---
first day of school


the U.S. Open---
the sun in my eyes
I cheer at random

a long weekend---
I ran out
of chocolate

Monday, September 01, 2008


a hurricane will flood
New Orleans again---
why live there


blue sky---
they play tennis
without a net


August Saturday night---
so what if she wears
hot pants


rainy morning---
I go back to sleep
August ends


East River rapid---
streaks of white clouds
Summer ends


hurricane Gustav
targets New Orleans---
yes we can


Barak on a football stadium---
the commercials
are by McCain


Labor Day weekend---
I'll relax by working
when it's over


early morning---
a yogi pisses
in a drinking glass


Democrats Party Convention---
she lost but he
has not won yet


blue sky---
I am getting to like


too late to go sleep
crescent moon


New Orleans jazz---
it can still
bring down the roof


hard times---
returning empty beer cans
to the store