Saturday, January 01, 2011


blue sky---
I stare at a blank page
New Year's Day


I am still


Times Square new year's eve---
too long a wait
for just a kiss


New Year's Eve---
the subways run
on time


a poodle wears
snow boots


the blizzard debacle---
but Bloomberg is
a lame duck


early morning---
standing in slush a man
wishes me happy new year


sunset deep orange---
as if that dirty snow
is not even there


blue sky---
I step into a puddle
of melted snow


a black cat acts self conscious
snow on the ground


East River snow
covers it's banks---
Winter stillness


prison inmates break wild mustangs
it takes one to know one


overcast sky---
a car skids on black ice
soiled blizzard snow


a walk on yesterday's
blizzard snow---
soft enough to take off your shoes


born on Christmas Day
he shall be Levon---
Elton John has a son


I wear my sheep skin jacket---
a Cold Moon is hiding


the whiteness of the snow
makes the red hotter


new snow looks


morning blue sky---
where did all this snow
come from


blizzard whiteouts---
beautiful to watch
from indoors


blizzard clouds still over Manhattan
blue sky here


the blizzard day two---
people go to work
on skis


the blizzard intensifies---
I read about


a blizzard---
it's like walking
under water


the sun sets---
I view the falling snow
by the light of a street lamp


the Jets at the Bears---
it stops snowing


wind driven snow---
the only way you can see
is by not looking


the blizzard waxes---
the Manhattan skyline
is whitewashed


the blizzard arrives---
I go to the corner store
and buy beer


early morning---
I view street dirt
before the snow comes


I can't wait till the forecast
blizzard arrives


Christmas Noon---
still no smell
of someone cooking


Christmas Day---
the only gift I got
is still in the mail


Christmas Day---
I use
the nutcracker


Christmas Day---
I keep thinking today
is a Sunday


Christmas Eve---
finally the sound
of silence


East River Christmas Eve---
the water runs
very softly


blue sky---
she wears a conspicuous hat
a day moon


December sunset
from a parking lot---
red but no green


New York Christmas tree---
lights colors as various as
the viewers faces


the temp outside my window
is lower than that of my freezer


morning cloudy sky---
a Santa Claus puts on
his beard


Christmas Day nears---
the shopping bags
get smaller


a Cold Moon faces the sun
high tide


I pour more eggnog---
a Cold


Winter Solstice---
the cat wants
to go out


December blue sky---
her bed room window
fogs up


East River December---
only the seagulls
are still here


blue sky---
the cat looks at its reflection
in the bathtub water


I put more logs
in the fire---
a Cold Moon


as I wait for my pizza
the neighbors cook
marinara sauce


cloudy sky---
a bachelor changes
his bed sheets


it's ok to tell---
don't ask don't tell
has been outed


cold Saturday night---
every one
just talks


an alchemist smiles---
a day moon changes
to a night moon


Obama beware---
Afghanistan starts to look like


the noise of a garbage truck
wakes me up---
December harvest moon


a street Three-card Monte game---
a day moon changes
to a night moon


blue sky---
a turtle withdraws its neck
into its shell


December sunrise---
stuck in a
traffic jam


a pink panther comes in
from the cold---
Blake Edwards dies


wish lists---
two kids debate the existence
of Santa Claus


blue sky---
a kid skates
on a pond


holidays happy hour---
a day moon changes
to a night moon


last month of the year---
I look for signs how am I
one year older


moon over the skyline---
Christmas tree ornaments are
on sale


bitter cold wind chills Wall Street---
the price of gloves
goes up


blue sky---
a seagull lands
on a pile of snow


snow on the ground---
a column of smoke
resists rising


a snow shower---
I turn off
the lights


East River Winter day---
a boat has its
lights on


a yogi does
the Cobra


morning fog---
the door of the women steam room
does not shut tight


blue sky---
Christmas trees on sale lie
against real trees


evening fog---
a Salvation Army soldier
rings his bell louder


cloudy sky---
I wish for
the first snow


December subway---
no one is pushing
because there's no room to push


sunset from an indoors patio---
heated by
solar energy


no Bill of Rights---
the government will fire workers
who read WikiLeaks


December Times Square---
don't go there if
you are in a hurry


a Winter walk---
I think of Salsa music
and Summer


blue sky---
a Santa Claus puts
his suit out to dry


Assange behind bars---
your truth will
set you free


brisk cold wind---
a crescent moon goes
behind a blanket of clouds


Pearl Harbor Day---
I read the news
about North Korea


new barber---
he tells me his
life story


morning walk---
snow flurries as the sun shines
the dog shakes it's head


December cold night---
the sole sign of life
is the smell of cars exhausts


Internet cafe---
she smiles as
she looks at her screen


Saturday night---
the line outside a bar
is all women


December running track---
a plastic bag rolls


blue sky---
the wind disperses the scrips
of a stocks broker


a crack in dark clouds---
a kid works out Rubik Cube
as he walks


Winter sunrise---
the smell of
burning wood


I stop at my window---
my neighbor decorates
his Christmas tree


blue sky---
a beduin takes off
his head dress


I open the bathroom curtains---
sunrise day after
a rain storm


candle light at sunset---


rainy evening rush---
umbrellas collide and go
like stock cars