Monday, August 01, 2011


at day end---shaped like a serpent
a blue cloud with the sun as
it's eye


a woman on her phone
blocks my way---
then my phone rings


East River July ends---
even the skate board slides
are not crowded


Sunday brunch---
the maitre d' thanks me
for showing up early


blue sky---
a giant anteater
has breakfast


Summer sunset blush---
that's when I open
my curtains


they are not diminished
by what happened


July ends---
a man broke:
wants to raise his debt limit


New York Summer---
too many birds
and not enough time


Summer blue sky---
a teakettle


sudden Summer downpour---
the sound of a fire


evening fog---
the sound of
a sax player


a bonsai tree sits
next to the doll's house


a cloudy day lightens---
the Karmapa visits
New York


late July sunset---
on sale


Summer bread crumbs---
the pigeons try to scare
the sparrows away


Summer delirium---
my neighbor asks
why the hot water is cold


the Altman Brothers New York
Concert for Hepatitis C---
it chimes


two men walk together so close:
they look like holding hands


July morning---
a dog barks at a cat
the cat ignores it


July morning blue sky---
a yogi


the news from Norway---
I look up the temp
in Arizona


after a heat wave---
she dumps
the yellow daffodils


morning low dark clouds---
smoke columns


the debt ceiling will rise---
clouds break
for the sunset


evening fog---
the steam room
is empty


a man swings a lacrosse stick
under an apple tree


Dear Summer Sun,
thank you for staying away-
come back soon


July Times Square---
indoors it's cold enough
to be New Year's Eve


the hot yoga class
meets outdoors


New York City---
a man and a man go
to get married


Summer garden---
a couple share
an apple


Sunday Summer cloudy sky---
I wish for a
Spring shower


heat wave sunset---
it looks cooler
than it is


July heat waves---
I keep going
to Seven-Eleven for water


heat wave---
in Central Park Pond
ducks dive under water


heat wave---
a dog retrieves a frisbee
from a pond


heat wave---what was the temp in
Garden of Eden
for no clothes?


"like a flower bending in the breeze"-
I go to walk
in a heat wave


second day of a heat wave---
Frank Sinatra


a heat wave---
so many white shirts:
I look for a day moon


blue sky---
an open fire hydrant:
the heat wave waxes


heat wave sunset---
like putting a penny
in an ironworks furnace


a heat wave---


strangers are less shy
on Facebook-
than in the subway


a heat wave---
just like a snow storm:
I stay home


the perfect for a heat wave


morning haze---
a carriage horse stays home:
heat wave on the way


July fog at sunset---
a clown prepares
to go on stage


East River hot July---
the tennis players
murmur under their breaths


Arab Spring---
the wind of revolt sweeps
the relics of old despots


morning stillness---
the cat paces
back and forth


the hearing---
Murdoch's whitewash gets
whitewashed by a foam pie


a shinny penny outside
a nickel and dime store


hot July morning---
the sun shows off
what a star is good at


packed hot subway station---
an empty train passes
without stopping


Summer lightning---
the softness
of her cheeks


a man is arrested
with snow in his pocket


July blue sky---
a man looks at
a Dead Sea Scroll


Summer waxes---
a bird pretends to be
a cicada


Summer sunset---
as kids play their
shadows become longer


blue sky---
a man goes to buy
the Sunday New York Times


Saturday July sunset---
a long wait till
it gets dark


night time---
as I look for a lost key
she asks if need some company


blue sky---
a man looks for the other
of a pair of slippers


morning seaside---
the lighthouse


Bastille Day---
French tourists visit
Miss Liberty


"What's Going On?"---
I listen to
Marvin Gaye


morning blue sky---
writing haiku on
a Milky Way wrapper


morning blue sky---
but no beast


July sunset---
clouds shaped like the animals
of a merry-go-round


a line at a park water fountain-
two sparrows
ahead of me


July blue sky---
a cool breeze lifts
a plastic bag up in the air


a Summer shower before
you get home---
heavy downpour at sunset


East River July---
it's cool enough
not to wear a shirt


Summer morning---
as I open my window
a fly leaves


an approaching train
blocks the birds' song---
then the birds' tree itself


July blue sky---
the smell of
car exhausts


July blue sky---
a whale


are we alone or not---
NASA seeks


what Murdoch needs right now-
is a British
sex scandal


the moon---
like the North Pole:
no one wants to live there


July morning haze---
an old man takes
off his eyeglasses


heat wave sunset---
I wait
for the blush


July Sunday---
every one tells you
to stay cool


July blue sky---
hikers climb to the top
of a ski slope


July sunset---
the redness of people
coming back from the beach


Summer Saturday afternoon
beer garden---
I pretend to listen


July blue sky---
I order Saganaki
for lunch


they are free---
South Sudan becomes
the newest nation


East River Carnival---
the Triboro bridge dwarfs
the Ferris Wheel


July morning haze---
the lifeguard keeps blowing
his whistle


News of the World---
finally they got


Summer shower---
after just taking one
at home


July blue sky---
grass grows in cracks
of a shopping mall parking lot


hot July day---
a zoo polar bear
stays indoors


Union Square---
the ones who are reading
are also watching people


Summer figs---
you peel each and put it
in your mouth all at once-