Sunday, October 29, 2006


dark Autumn night---
a sorcerer's apprentice


October last Sunday---
lost an hour
resetting an old clock


cold Saturday night---
the semetery ghosts
brown-bag it


pouring rain---
the landlord
turns on the heat higher


she wears a purple blouse
at sunset---
I order espresso


a fawn with a back
full of little nothings


a night owl
finally meets a real one---
full moon


morning cotton clouds---
the washer
stopped foaming


Autumn night---
a homeless man
has a pumpkin


cold morning---
nothing left
of last night apple pie


evening rush---
only the wind
is brisk


my morning train
delayed---a seagull
flies above the tracks


the smell of roasting
October sunset


a ditch digger
finds a brass doorknob

Sunday, October 22, 2006


overcast day---
I look at old pictures
in black and white


Sunday morning---
I look
for a Wal-Mart


a homeless man
wears a new garbage bag


morning stillness---
a dead leaf
shines in the sunlight


strong Autumn wind---
fallen leaves are back
at branch level


a cat sitting out
at sunset---
gray with yellow streaks


a swallow steals food
from two pigeons---
Autumn haze


Autumn morning---
neighborhood graffiti
has changed colors


Indian Summer---
some branches
are already naked


slow morning---
one more pigeon
joins the rest


rainy night---
the silence
outside the bodega


plaza fountain---
light paints petals
made of bubbles


October in the woods---
I look for ghosts
and witches for a party


blue sky---
a crow lands
in a ditch

Sunday, October 15, 2006


knock on the door---
she straightens the kinks
in her black dress


in a Japanese diner
a fly prefers


wind howls
on the boardwalk---
cold feet at sunset


Yunus economics---
how crumbs become wheat fields
won a Noble


green leaves dangle
in my face---I bow
yellow ones all over


standing before an ant
a man asks:
who am I


rush hour---
she forgot to wear
the other ear earing


a spider
built its web
above a mouse trap


morning stillness---
a vaccum tube
sucking fallen leaves


rainy afternoon---
the Yankees suffer
one more nose dive


brown cockroach
walks on a brown leaf---
I wear my leather jacket


art work in the park---
tree shadow
on the back of a canvas


morning headline:
"Another 60
Bodies Found---"


I see her at a fruit stand---
the sweet smell
of Fall apples


Columbus Day---
I shake the hand
of a Mohawk from Buffalo

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Autumn sunset---
a leaf falls
into the gutter


look east you see the sun,
west the moon---
what more do you want?


Autumn night---
a piece of bark
becomes a moth in my hand


I search a dark closet
for my red fleece sweatshirt


all the blue
tortilla chips are gone---
full moon


the violinist
in the train station
wants "no pennies"


Union Square anti-
war march---tired old
hippies and their kids


early morning---
an empty beer can
in an empty subway car


leaves start to fade---
I take my base ball
jacket to the cleaner


rush hour---a couple
stay standing by leaning
one against the other


Madison Square Park---
all the dogs
had their Autumn hair cut


hot day in Autumn---
a mosquito
gets one last wish


a turtle keeps peeking
out of its shell---
waxing gibbous


cool morning---
a fly shows
no interest in flying

Sunday, October 01, 2006


star gazing with
my back against a
broken street light


Sunday morning fog---
I got the hiccups
for no reason


Saturday college game---
too much kicking
for football


an ant inside
my slipper
survives a brisk night


a yellow half moon
green with envy


dark clouds
pour Autumn rain---
I comb my gray hair


Shea Stadium---
looks bigger
from an airplane


early morning---
waiting for the
alarm clock to ring


packing to go
back home---
I hear ''The Ode to Joy''


cloudy sky---
I get one more rice
pudding cup from the fridge


a fat duck
awash by green ---
Knightsbridge exit of Hyde Park


morning sunshine---
a pheasant
stays among tall grass


crowded bus---a man
whispers to another:
go to hell


clear day---
a duck keeps diving
into its water image