Sunday, October 28, 2007


blue sky---
as if one needs excuse
to go out for Sunday brunch


full moon before sunrise---
a chick walks ahead


October Saturday night---
no more


another day----
here heavy rain
fires in southern Cal


late October fog---
a ghost
calling me names


overcast morning---
my neighbor's bitch
giving me hard time


the flu shot---
my last time
mother held my hand


trick AND treat---
a spider busy weaving
late October


California wild fires
flames of hell---
Katrina's high waters


at the grocery store---
a blond bombshell asks
where is the pumpkin


dark clouds at sunset---
my neighbor
lights up his pumpkin


as I pick an apple---
a dark cloud shaped
like a scarecrow


late October warmth---
a witch
smiles at me


blue sky---
last night I updated
my haiku blog

Sunday, October 21, 2007


mid October---
someone forgot a skeleton
on the playground


waxing moon above
the Hudson skyline---
she leans on me


Madison Square Park
at dusk---a bright yellow leaf
hits me in the face


walking alone in Tokyo*---
she wears a Coke
vending machine

*Japanese fashion designs to fool

street criminals.Read more about it



blue sky---
a leaf swims
in yesterday's rain puddle


Sarkozy got divorced---
the socialists say
it was his fault


Times Square---
the only sex that's left
is in your head


hand in hand
they disappear into the fog---
October sunset


morning fog---
a cyclist


hazy dusk---black cat
with red neck band jumps between
tar covered roof tops


overcast morning---
I wipe the dew
off a Golden apple


new subway train---
the conductor
has no accent


first baby boomer files
for social security---
save me a slice


mid October sunset---
the cold wind
makes it sadder


going out she hides
her wedding band---
crescent moon

Sunday, October 14, 2007


October cold wind---
her yellow skirt


morning blue sky---
she made
the cappuccino


Madison Square Park---
a tourist asks
where's the bathroom*

*Many parks in New York City

don't have public bathrooms

including Madison Square Park.


blue sky---
my neighbor left
his garage door open


this time there's no
electoral college---
Al Gore wins Noble Peace Prize


morning fog---
a smoke column fights
its way through the crowd


sudden October downpour---
her cigarette
got wet


I turn on
a neon light


October sunset---
have to go to the kitchen

window to view it


morning stillness---
the cat watches
a butterfly


overcast sky---
he hands out fliers
for a tanning salon


morning rush after
a holiday Monday---
nothing changed


sweltering day---
I go out for some
Oktoberfest beer


Columbus Day---
I discover the shortest
route to an Irish pub

Sunday, October 07, 2007


an old pin ball machine
in a bar---
dollar per game


crowded subway---
he gives his girl friend
a long kiss


sunset viewing
from a train window---
I ride alone


Saturday morning---
the smell of cooking


fog hides the skyline---
Friday after hours
cigar bar


morning fog---
a school boy walks
in a straight line


October night---
warm enough for
a laced pink lemonade


morning fog---
I skip
the oatmeal


evening rush---
we touch every time the train
comes to a stop


overcast sky---
a traffic cop walks
with a smile on her face


a balloon moves up
till it disappears


Indian reservation---
too few home owners
for a subprime crisis


October First---
I put away
my Mets cap


overcast sky---
the teenager next doors
opened his windows